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Jul. 2011 30

Saturday Sketch: Linen Dress

This is a dress I made out of linen (pictures to come later)

Jul. 2011 23

Saturday Sketch: Sailboat Skirt

I have recently come to realize that I Heart Jenny’s Art does not have much “art” these days. I never intended this to be solely a sewing blog, but since I haven’t painted in over a year, by default that is what it has become. But the other day as I was planning my next project I realized I can start adding the art back in with something I do all the time…sketch! Before any project I make a fashion sketch in pencil to get a clear image of what I want to do. I rarely use color (mostly because I don’t do these sketches at home), and my people never have faces. But that’s just how I do it. So from now on, I’m going to try to post a new sketch every Saturday, and see how that goes.

In other news, Vlad and I are closing on a house next week!!! So there may be a bit of a gap in posts. I have a few in the que ready to go, but just in case I miss a week….that’s why. Also, once we get in the house, expect a lot more home decor/home improvement posts. And I’m thinking about also doing a “paint along with me” sections. I think it may be good to force myself back into it :)

Anyways…here’s this weeks sketch. The tutorial for this sailboat skirt will be on the way soon

***Check out the tutorial HERE****