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Feb. 2012 29

Awesomely Fast Tulip Skirt

Pastels and lady like details are very much in for spring. To get on bored with the trend (which I’m trying to do more of lately) I have a tutorial for beautiful tulip skirt. It also happens to be one of the easiest tutorials I’ve ever made! Hooray easy!

The fabric I’ve picks is this opal/pearl colored satin. It has slight pink undertones that are so soft and lovely. It’s perfect for a flower inspired piece.


You’ll need enough fabric that you can wrap it around your hips about 1.5 times. Like so:

1. Cut your fabric to the proper width. For the length, measure from your waist to wherever you want the hem, then add 1.75” to that. That will be your length

2. Fold rectangle in half. Round out the corner. I made a rough 12×12 measurement for this. But you can use a plate or other object if you prefer to have a guide.

3. To finish the raw edges, roll the edge up ¼”, then another ¼”. So you’ll end up having taken up ½” total

4. Wrap the skirt around your hips to where it feels comfortable. Pin the fabric together. The waist will be loose, but that’s what the elastic is for.

5. Roll the raw edge ¾”, then another ¾”. Sew as close to the fold closet to the inside. This makes a pocket for the elastic. You want to leave an opening in the back

6. Work your elastic through the pocket. I like to pin a safety pin to on end to help work it through.

7. Once all the way through, make sure your elastic isn’t twisted, sew the ends together.

8. Now close the opening in the pocket.

All done!

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Feb. 2012 8

Easy Breezy Caftan

I am a truly lucky girl. I have a great boyfriend, Vlad, who is such a sport about getting dragged to the fabric store. He’ll go through endless amounts of clearance fabric trying to find some allusive piece of fabric that I can’t even describe myself. Yet some how, he always comes away finding some killer piece that I would have completely missed. Thus was the case with this awesome black, grey and blue shear panel printed fabric. I have no idea how he found it, but I love it. I loved it so much I didn’t want to waste a single inch. So I went with a belted Caftan design. It’s super easy, although a little time consuming.


What you’ll need:

-About 2 yards of fabric (which is approximately what 1 panel of the design was)

-Some ¼” double fold bias tape

-Fabric for a sash


1. This is by far the most time consuming step. Cut your fabric into a rectangle, I recommend using a rotary cutter for this so you have clean edges. Then you are going to roll the hem  all the way around so it’s 1/4″ finished. Sew

2. Fold in half, mark the center top

3. Take a v-neck t-shirt and trace the opening. Cut out

4. Using your double fold bias tape, finish the neck opening.

5. Put the Caftan on, pin front and back together at natural waist. I had to get Vlad’s help with this.

6. Remove the caftan, mark 2.5”where you pinned in step 5. Sew button holes here.

7. Make your sash 2” wide. To do this, cut strips 3” wide, enough to fit around your waist and tie together. Then sew strips together, turn right side out and press.


Then just belt your caftan and you’re done! There are so many ways you can where it. I know most people only think of caftans as beach cover ups, but look, I paired it with a simple purple tank dress and it’s ready to go out on the town! It also looks great with jeans. You can pin up the “sleeves” and add a thicker belt, or belt the sleeves in for even more looks. I feel like there are way too many pictures of me this post, but I really wanted to show you how easy it is to style a caftan.

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Jul. 2011 27

New Look 6799

OK, I love the 1960′s/Mad Men era as much as the next girl, but some times you just need to spice it up a little. So when I grab Simplicity’s New Look pattern 6799, I knew exactly which fabric I was going to use. My Aunt Carole gave me this amazing thick woven linen fabric with a black and white triangle/tribal-ish print. It is gorgeous and eye catching. I thought it would be the perfect balance for the super classic silhouette. I really didn’t make any changes to this pattern. The only thing I did was use a couple different sizes so that it would better fit my shape.

Jun. 2011 29

Tube Top Dress

So let’s talk tube tops. They are a great summer option….for most people. I feel like I’m constantly having to adjust and the top has to be so tight to stay up it’s not really an “easy” look for me. But a couple years back I bought 2 from the discount bin at Express, I believe they were less than $5 each. I only really ever worn them under other items. And on top of that, they have become a little to tight for me now. So they were in the back of my closet collecting dust. I decided this was a prefect opportunity for a re-fashion tutorial. I used 1 black tube top and about 3/4 yard of fabric.

1. If you tube top has the built in bra, cut it out. Since the top was a little tight on me, we are going to use the bottom hem as the new top

2. Measure from where the top seam will be to where your waist it. Add 0.5″ seam allowance and cut here.

3. For your skirt, you can totally measure the length you want and cut it to fit and all that, but I went for the much faster option: Cut your contrast fabric in half along the length. So now you have 2 pieces 3/4 of a yard long.

4. Sew your two lengths of contrast fabric together, so now you have a loop

5. Sew your tube top portion to the skirt. I used a two-pronged approach for this. I used both elastic thread and I stretched the tube top as I sewed. This worked in all the excess fabric of the skirt so the final outcome would be gathered.

6. Hem to desired length.

7. Using the portion of tube top you cut off in step 2 (and the parts from the built in bra if it’s matching) and cut 0.75″ strips. Use these strips to make your straps how ever you want.

8. I did a little gather in the center of the bodice to give it a better shape. I simply gather the first 4″ down to 2″.

And that’s it. If it wasn’t for my complicated straps this would have been the fastest dress ever!

PS…do you see those shoes?! So hot right? They are Nine West and I got them for $8.40 at Syms!!!!

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