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Dec. 2010 8

Ruffle Suspenders

OK, Let me start off  by apologizing for the pictures of myself. I took these last Wednesday right when I got home from work. Yes, this is exactly what I wore to work that day. I was a little tired, little frazzled, but at least the clothes were cute :)

Anyways, on with the tutorial!

What you’ll need:


-3/4″ or 1″ wide elastic

-3 suspender clips

-Fake leather or other sturdy fabric

1. Measure from your waist band (of the pants you’ll wear these with) over your back and down to about where your bra clasp is. If you don’t have a body double, have a friend help. You don’t want to be bending and such when taking the measurements.

Add 2″ to that measurement. That’s your shoulder strap length.

2. Measure from where your bra clasp is to your waist band in the back.

Add 1″. That’s your back strap measurement

3. Cut 2 pieces of elastic shoulder strap length and 1 piece back strap length.

4. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon twice the length of your shoulder strap measurement.  Use a match to lightly melt the ends so the ribbon won’t fray

5. To sew the ribbon to the shoulder strap elastic, first match up one end of the ribbon with the end of the elastic, stitch in place

-As you sew down the length of the elastic you are going to want to stretch it. Use two hands for this; one before the needle and one after. This way you can control the speed and you won’t put extra tension on the needle

6. At one end of each of the shoulder straps, secure the suspender clip as shown:

7. Cut 2 pieces of fake leather. Make the bottom wide enough for one width of elastic and the top wide enough for at least 2.

8. Sew leather together one 3 sides, sewing in the back strap on the bottom edge.

9. Turn right-side out

10. Fold in top edge, tuck in both shoulder strap pieces, sew across top edge to secure.

11. Measure one last time (just to be sure) before you secure your last suspender clip on your back strap

All done!

So fancy and sassy!

Jun. 2010 25

Ribbon Belt: pt 2

Ok, so earlier this week I had my tutorial for a super fast ribbon belt. Here’s part two: the ribbon flower. I made this flower into a pin so that I could wear it separate from the belt. I’ve actually been making a lot of flowers recently. Until a short while ago, I had never made fabric flowers of any kind. And I’m the type of person who easily becomes obsessed when I learn something new. So now I’m on a big kick of making them using all different methods. Which lead to my boyfriend making the comment “So, uh, what’s with you and flowers?” Isn’t he so cute?

So flower making time!

You’ll need ribbon, a pin back (or large safety pin), and a small piece of sturdy fabric (I happened to have some duck cloth laying around)

1. Cut a length of ribbon. The length of the ribbon will dictate how big the ribbon is, so cut accordingly. To tell you the truth, I know lots of people would measure at this point, but I just used the end of the spool of ribbon. So however long that was, was the length I used :)

2. Sear the ends of the ribbon so they don’t fray.

3. Using a needle and thread, stitch along the bottom edge of the ribbon. Shorter stitches will make the flower more full, and longer stitches less full.

4. Cinch the thread to make the ribbon ruffle.

5. Roll the ribbon up, keeping the bottom edge (where the stitching is) even

6. Bring the outer end down so it’s level with the bottom edge

7. Secure the flower by stitching through the bottom. Do this until the fabric feels pretty secure.

8. Take your sturdy fabric and cut a circle out the same size as the bottom of your flower.

**I actually sewed my flower down to a scrap piece of fabric first and then did steps 9-12. I wasn’t originally planing to use glue, but once I did, I realized this step (sewing it down) wasn’t necessary**

9. Take your pin backing and mark on the circle where the 2 ends are

10. Cut slits here (you’ll want them to be slightly off center in the vertical direction)

11. Put each end through the slits.

12. Hot glue the circle (with the backing) to the bottom of the flower.


Now you have a great flower you can wear on your belt or as a broach. Or, you can do my new favorite thing and wear it in your hair. To do this, simply put 2 bobby pins on the pin backing and the put it in your hair. You can totally use a hair clip backing instead of a pin backing if you’d rather, but I just don’t have any.

Happy crafting!

Jun. 2010 21

Ribbon Belt: pt 1

OK, confession: I actually made this project over a month ago. I’ve been bad about posting things as soon as I make them because I want to keep things in reserve for when I haven’t had time to craft one week.

Anyways, a while ago I wanted to make a blouse out of this great white gauze/lining fabric (I’m pretty terrible about being able to identify fabric types). I opted to do a cinched waist shirt, so I added belt loops. And then I hit a wall. None of the belts that fit my hips fit my waist. Well duh. I should have known that, but really hadn’t put any thought to it until I needed a belt for the shirt. So the solution? Make a super fast belt out of ribbon. I’ll post the tutorial for the flower pin later this week. I make the flower detachable so I can wear it separate from the belt.

What you’ll need:


-2 sew on snap sets

-Needle thread

-Hot glue (optional)


1. Measure your waist where you want to wear the belt

2. Add 3″ to that measurement.

3. Cut the ribbon to this length

4. On one end, we will call this end A, sew the ball half of the snap to the right side of the ribbon 0.5″ from the end

5. On the other end, end B, sew the socket half of the snap to the right side of the ribbon 1.5″ from the end

6. Fold both ends back 1″ from the edge so the wrong sides are facing.

Dotted lines represent when the back-side flap of fabric ends

(The snaps on end A should now be on the back side of the belt and the snaps on end B should be on the front.)

7. At this step you can either sew the ends of the ribbon down to secure them. Or, you can do what I did and hot glue them. I did it this way because I didn’t have any thread that matched the color.

All done!! Come back Friday to get a tutorial for the  ribbon flower that I made to go with my belt!

*Bonus step: On a belt I made later, I took a few hook-and-eye closures and made 2 columns, similar to a bra closure. This way I have an adjustable belt*

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Jun. 2010 16

Ribbons and Chains

OK, so when I went through my closet and got rid of things that didn’t fit, I also went through my jewelry boxes and got rid of things I never wear. I gave away the majority of the things, but I kept a couple. One piece I kept was this old, thick chain necklace. It was the kind that had a letter charm covered in rhinestones…I swear, there was a time they were popular. Well, most the rhinestones have since fallen out (because it was cheap), but the chain is still in good condition. I decided to turn this into a long necklace rather than a choker. I was inspired by necklaces I had seen by J.Crew and guess although I can’t find a good link to the original.

Before I begin, let me just say, I’m well aware of my apparent addiction to white accessories. Between the bib necklace, the jersey necklace and now this, it has become quite clear. It’s a thing. White matches everything, so I like using it. Plus, it just looks so crispy and clean, how could you not like it? OK, moving on….

I have to say, this project took maybe 30 minutes and was super easy. All you need is the necklace, ribbon and pliers (well and needle and thread). I don’t own jewelry making tools, so I just used my standard needle nose pliers.
Here we go!

1. Take off old fasteners from the necklace. (I kept mine for later use)

2. Weave the ribbon in and out of the chain through about every third link. Leave excess on both ends

3. Sew chain to ribbon on each end
4. Decide how long you want the necklace. Mark the ribbon 1″ longer on both ends. Cut of excess.
5. Finish the ends of the ribbon. I used a french seam, but don’t worry, it’s easy:

-Lay the 2 ends on top of each other, rights sides together
-Line them up so the ribbon on the bottom is 1/2″ longer than the one on top

-Fold the bottom end back over the top

-Making sure the fold stays in place, fold the top piece back over. You should have both right-sides facing you.

-Hand sew this seam shut

6. Make a bow out of matching ribbon and attach to the necklace

All done!

Here are a couple other pictures:

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