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May. 2011 11

Peg-Leg Pant Tutorial

I hate harem pants with a passion. The droopy crotch and the baggy legs. And a  long fitted cuffed bottom?! Guh, awful. They are one 1980′s techo-color print away from being McHammer pants. I will say, I had completely written off this trend as something I would never in my life try. That is until I ran into a tailored cousin of the harem pant: the peg-leg trouser.

Loose enough not to be tight to the skin, but tight enough not to look like you are sky diving. They are cuffed, but only slightly. I think I’m won over.

So instead of buying a pair, I made them from Vlad’s old Kenneth Cole pants. Thankfully, these pants fit my waist, so I didn’t have to adjust that at all. Tutorial Time!!!

I heart Kenneth Cole

1. Cut off 10.5″ of the pant leg

Steps 2 and 3

2. Re-contour the pant leg. I ended up taking in about 2.5″ to make a more tailored shape

3. Open the bottom seam on the outer side of the leg 3″. Finish this edge like so:

4. Measure your calf where you want the cuff to be.

5. Ruffle the bottom edge of the pant to match the measurement in step 4

6. Add 2.5″ to the measurement from step 4

7. Cut 4 rectangles 3.5″ x (measurement from step 6).

Step 7 & 8

8. On the back side of 2 of the pieces, mark your rounded edge by measuring in 0.5″ from each side and drawing in a curve

9. On the other 2 rectangles, sew a stay stitch and 0.5″

10. Sew the pieces you drew on to your pant leg. You should have 2″ over hang on the front side of the leg. This will be how the cuff is closed later

11. Sew the remaining rectangles (the ones with the stay stitch) to the pieces already attached to the pant leg

12. Press and turn. Press the raw edge on the (now) inside portion of your cuff at the stay stitch. Now you will have a clean edge.

13. Pin the edge you just ironed down. This should cover up the raw edges from step 10

14. Top stitch

15. Add hook & eye closures and decorative buttons

All done!

Jun. 2010 2

Vest from an Old pair of Work Pants

OK, it’s now June which means it’s not longer Paper Craft Month. So time to get back to some sewing projects!
First, let me take a second to thank Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  When I first started blogging I sent out some emails to people who ran the sites I admired asking them for some advice. She was really great and mentioned that I really need to take out door pictures so my projects look better. So, I took her advise, and here is my first post with beautiful new pictures taken by my boyfriend who was nice enough to help. I’m also going to go back and add pictures to a couple older post.

Moving on…

So, I recently cleaned out my closet and got rid of a bunch of items that no longer fit. I kept some of them in hopes to make new clothes that I could wear to work. In this case, I made a crop vest from a pair of pin-stripe pants and some left over black satin. I actually really love this vest and plan to make another one in another color.

How I did it:

I don’t have a tutorial this week, but I’ll walk you through the basics. I did most of the work for the vest by draping it on my mannequin. I don’t know much about pattern making, so I’m still just figuring it out as I go. I figured out the max width any fabric panel could be by tracing the pant leg on to muslin. This way I wouldn’t get stuck with random seams. I knew I wanted an exaggerated racer back, almost a T-back. So once I got that laid out I draped the front. I left most of it fairly loose. The only real tight seaming was over the bust so that it would contour nicely.

I finished it off with fake pockets, which I love love love. And I also used these really great buttons that remind me of hubcaps. I got (stole) these from my mom a while back (thanks mom) and have been waiting for the right project to use them. I actually use a set of “fake” buttons as well. I wanted the fronts of each side (left and right) to look the same. So I put the hubcap buttons on the outer edge and button holes inside that. On the right hand side, I put buttons on the inside of the vest. This way it could button with 4 buttons, but only 2 of which are showing.

Some more pictures!

I tried a "model" pose....totally not me :)

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