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Jul. 2010 21

No-Sew Wire Ribbon Flower

So, yea….flower kick. I’m definitely on it. And I love this flower. I found this beautiful wire ribbon at my local thrift store. It fades from gold to light blue to a vibrant blue.

1. On one side, cinch the ribbon down on the wire. So you’ll end up with a whole length of ribbon on about 10+ inches of wire.

2. Decide which end you’d like to be the center of your flower. Fold the end over so that the raw edges are covered

3. Roll the bottom end. I like to use needle nose pliers. You don’t actually need them, the wire will roll just fine with out them. But they just make life a little easier.

4. When you get to the end, bring the raw edge down to the bottom roll. Pin in place if you’d like

5. Cut a circle out of duck fabric, and one out of felt. They should be the size of the bottom of your flower. (I originally cut a 1″ circle, but I went back and made it much bigger so the flower would be flatter)

6. Hot glue time! Hot glue the duck fabric down to the bottom of the flower. Then glue on your pin backing. Then top of off with your felt

7. Glue 3 glass beads into the center. And your done!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul. 2010 14

Fabric Flower

So, obviously I’ve been on a big flower kick recently. (I know I mentioned it before). 2 weeks ago I posted my great bedroom redo. Notice how I even sneaked a couple into the pillows. Ah, I heart them. I made them detachable so that if I want to wear them, all I have to do is unpin it.

I’ve also been making a ton of flowers as accessories. I wanted to share a tutorial for how to make this beautiful flower pin. I used red fabric with  black pinstripe to match the vest I made a while back.

What you’ll need:


-Felt (I’ve also used duck fabric because I like how sturdy it is)

-Pin (you can either you a traditional pin-backing or just a large safety pin)

-Three round objects, close in size (or however many layers you want)

-A button

1. Cut 12  of each size circle (this will give you 6 petals for each layer)

2. Pin each petal right side together and sew together. Leave an opening in the bottom so you can turn it right side out

3. Very Carefully fringe the edges almost to the seam. This will keep the fabric from bunching inside

4. Turn each petal right side out. Resist the urge to iron here. It honestly looks better if it’s not flat and perfect

5. Separate the different sizes

For each size petal:

6. Now, take your needle and thread and sew along the bottom (open) edge of each petal. Weave your stitch in and out as you go. Continue the thread through all of the petals of the same size. At the end, you should have 6 petals on a single piece of thread.

7. Cinch the thread so the bottom of the petals ruffle and make a ring

8. Secure the thread.

Steps 1-8

9. Cut your felt (or backing fabric) into a circle

10. Using your pin back to measure, cut 2 slits in the felts so that the ends of the pin back can be pushed through. This step just makes it prettier, but it’s not really necessary

11. For this, you can either use hot glue or sew. I used glue because I’m lazy. Glue the largest layer of petals to the back of the felt

12. Glue down each remaining layer

13. Finish it all off with a button, and your done!

Jun. 2010 25

Ribbon Belt: pt 2

Ok, so earlier this week I had my tutorial for a super fast ribbon belt. Here’s part two: the ribbon flower. I made this flower into a pin so that I could wear it separate from the belt. I’ve actually been making a lot of flowers recently. Until a short while ago, I had never made fabric flowers of any kind. And I’m the type of person who easily becomes obsessed when I learn something new. So now I’m on a big kick of making them using all different methods. Which lead to my boyfriend making the comment “So, uh, what’s with you and flowers?” Isn’t he so cute?

So flower making time!

You’ll need ribbon, a pin back (or large safety pin), and a small piece of sturdy fabric (I happened to have some duck cloth laying around)

1. Cut a length of ribbon. The length of the ribbon will dictate how big the ribbon is, so cut accordingly. To tell you the truth, I know lots of people would measure at this point, but I just used the end of the spool of ribbon. So however long that was, was the length I used :)

2. Sear the ends of the ribbon so they don’t fray.

3. Using a needle and thread, stitch along the bottom edge of the ribbon. Shorter stitches will make the flower more full, and longer stitches less full.

4. Cinch the thread to make the ribbon ruffle.

5. Roll the ribbon up, keeping the bottom edge (where the stitching is) even

6. Bring the outer end down so it’s level with the bottom edge

7. Secure the flower by stitching through the bottom. Do this until the fabric feels pretty secure.

8. Take your sturdy fabric and cut a circle out the same size as the bottom of your flower.

**I actually sewed my flower down to a scrap piece of fabric first and then did steps 9-12. I wasn’t originally planing to use glue, but once I did, I realized this step (sewing it down) wasn’t necessary**

9. Take your pin backing and mark on the circle where the 2 ends are

10. Cut slits here (you’ll want them to be slightly off center in the vertical direction)

11. Put each end through the slits.

12. Hot glue the circle (with the backing) to the bottom of the flower.


Now you have a great flower you can wear on your belt or as a broach. Or, you can do my new favorite thing and wear it in your hair. To do this, simply put 2 bobby pins on the pin backing and the put it in your hair. You can totally use a hair clip backing instead of a pin backing if you’d rather, but I just don’t have any.

Happy crafting!

May. 2010 12

Paper Petal Flowers

Another week, another paper craft! This week I’m making another flower. I originally made this using just plain computer paper, but then I remade it using Post-it notes (of course). It’s true, I heart Post-it notes. I’m not going to lie. I use a ton of them at work, and now in crafts as well. I figure they are readily available, they come in amazing colors, and they are the same color on both sides. Awesome. So, you can use whatever paper you’d like, but you know what I  recommend….

What you’ll need:

  • Post-it notes (or other paper)
  • Tape
  • Scissors

1. Trace the inner circle (about 1″ in diameter) of your roll of tape to create 14 petals.

2. At the bottom of each circle, draw a straight line roughly 1/3″ long.

3. Draw a straight line connecting the bottom straight line to each side

4. Cut out each petal

***Bonus step: if you want, use fancy scissors to cut a wavy pattern around the top edge of your petal***

***Or, use a highlighter to trace the top edge of the petal***

5. Fold the bottom edge of the petal using a “Z” fold

6. Draw out the base of your flower using the inner circle of the roll of tape. You want 6 petals. Cut this out

6. Tape a ring of petals down. You want top edge of the petal to be in between the petals on the base.

7. Tape a second ring of petals down inside the first. The round edge of these petals will line up with the round edge of the base petals.

8. Tape down the last two petals.

9. Fluff the petals and your done!

Here are some of mine: