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Feb. 2012 29

Awesomely Fast Tulip Skirt

Pastels and lady like details are very much in for spring. To get on bored with the trend (which I’m trying to do more of lately) I have a tutorial for beautiful tulip skirt. It also happens to be one of the easiest tutorials I’ve ever made! Hooray easy!

The fabric I’ve picks is this opal/pearl colored satin. It has slight pink undertones that are so soft and lovely. It’s perfect for a flower inspired piece.


You’ll need enough fabric that you can wrap it around your hips about 1.5 times. Like so:

1. Cut your fabric to the proper width. For the length, measure from your waist to wherever you want the hem, then add 1.75” to that. That will be your length

2. Fold rectangle in half. Round out the corner. I made a rough 12×12 measurement for this. But you can use a plate or other object if you prefer to have a guide.

3. To finish the raw edges, roll the edge up ¼”, then another ¼”. So you’ll end up having taken up ½” total

4. Wrap the skirt around your hips to where it feels comfortable. Pin the fabric together. The waist will be loose, but that’s what the elastic is for.

5. Roll the raw edge ¾”, then another ¾”. Sew as close to the fold closet to the inside. This makes a pocket for the elastic. You want to leave an opening in the back

6. Work your elastic through the pocket. I like to pin a safety pin to on end to help work it through.

7. Once all the way through, make sure your elastic isn’t twisted, sew the ends together.

8. Now close the opening in the pocket.

All done!

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Sep. 2010 8

Accessory Basket

Obviously I love my accessories. So much so I’ve made displays for them. But what to do with my scarves and belts? Bingo! A basket.

But there’s a hitch…. Wicker baskets like this, although lovely, tend to snag delicate scarves. And we can’t have that. So here’s a super fast no sew/no glue tutorial for a basket make over.

You’ll need:


-Pillow Case

-Safety Pins

-Ribbon (I used the kind that comes around blankets from the store. I like it because it has velcro)

1. Cut open the pillow case along the bottom edge.

2.Put the pillow case inside your basket, leaving equal amount of excess on either side

3. Tuck and pin the corners so the final edge is about 2″ below the rim

4. Wrap your ribbon around the basket to cover up any safety pins. Pin together in the back

Done! So fast. And your scarves will thank you