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Aug. 2011 6

Saturday Sketch: Color Blocking

Sometimes when I draw out ideas for a project, I don’t feel like even drawing a person… Sometimes the clothes are busy enough, it doesn’t need it.

Jul. 2011 30

Saturday Sketch: Linen Dress

This is a dress I made out of linen (pictures to come later)

Jul. 2011 23

Saturday Sketch: Sailboat Skirt

I have recently come to realize that I Heart Jenny’s Art does not have much “art” these days. I never intended this to be solely a sewing blog, but since I haven’t painted in over a year, by default that is what it has become. But the other day as I was planning my next project I realized I can start adding the art back in with something I do all the time…sketch! Before any project I make a fashion sketch in pencil to get a clear image of what I want to do. I rarely use color (mostly because I don’t do these sketches at home), and my people never have faces. But that’s just how I do it. So from now on, I’m going to try to post a new sketch every Saturday, and see how that goes.

In other news, Vlad and I are closing on a house next week!!! So there may be a bit of a gap in posts. I have a few in the que ready to go, but just in case I miss a week….that’s why. Also, once we get in the house, expect a lot more home decor/home improvement posts. And I’m thinking about also doing a “paint along with me” sections. I think it may be good to force myself back into it :)

Anyways…here’s this weeks sketch. The tutorial for this sailboat skirt will be on the way soon

***Check out the tutorial HERE****

May. 2011 11

Peg-Leg Pant Tutorial

I hate harem pants with a passion. The droopy crotch and the baggy legs. And a  long fitted cuffed bottom?! Guh, awful. They are one 1980′s techo-color print away from being McHammer pants. I will say, I had completely written off this trend as something I would never in my life try. That is until I ran into a tailored cousin of the harem pant: the peg-leg trouser.

Loose enough not to be tight to the skin, but tight enough not to look like you are sky diving. They are cuffed, but only slightly. I think I’m won over.

So instead of buying a pair, I made them from Vlad’s old Kenneth Cole pants. Thankfully, these pants fit my waist, so I didn’t have to adjust that at all. Tutorial Time!!!

I heart Kenneth Cole

1. Cut off 10.5″ of the pant leg

Steps 2 and 3

2. Re-contour the pant leg. I ended up taking in about 2.5″ to make a more tailored shape

3. Open the bottom seam on the outer side of the leg 3″. Finish this edge like so:

4. Measure your calf where you want the cuff to be.

5. Ruffle the bottom edge of the pant to match the measurement in step 4

6. Add 2.5″ to the measurement from step 4

7. Cut 4 rectangles 3.5″ x (measurement from step 6).

Step 7 & 8

8. On the back side of 2 of the pieces, mark your rounded edge by measuring in 0.5″ from each side and drawing in a curve

9. On the other 2 rectangles, sew a stay stitch and 0.5″

10. Sew the pieces you drew on to your pant leg. You should have 2″ over hang on the front side of the leg. This will be how the cuff is closed later

11. Sew the remaining rectangles (the ones with the stay stitch) to the pieces already attached to the pant leg

12. Press and turn. Press the raw edge on the (now) inside portion of your cuff at the stay stitch. Now you will have a clean edge.

13. Pin the edge you just ironed down. This should cover up the raw edges from step 10

14. Top stitch

15. Add hook & eye closures and decorative buttons

All done!