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May. 2010 5

Paper Carnation

I’ve decided to make May all paper craft related posts. All the crafts will be fairly easy, so enjoy!

I taught myself to make these paper carnations based on a technique that uses fabric. Here’s what you’ll need:
-7 Post-it notes
-3 Circular objects. Small , Medium, Large (I used the top to a medicine bottle, the bottom of the bottle and the cap to a hand lotion)

Your largest circle should be no bigger than the portion of the Post-it note that doesn’t have the sticky stuff.

OK, before I go on I have a confession to make. I heart MS Paint. I know it’s archaic, unrefined and blocky, but I really love it. So, bear with me for my pictures.
Second note, I printed out my MS Paint diagrams so that my pictures of real life will match the diagram. Also, it helps for contrast purposes. But usually I do make these flowers with Post-it notes.

Now for the Tutorial:
1. Cut the sticky portion on the top of the Post-it note off
2. Trace out 1 large circle (Blue), 4 Medium circles (Green), and 4 small circles (Red)  (I can usually fit 2 small circles on 1 note)

3. Draw a wavy line pattern around each circle. No need to be perfect
4. Cut out each piece

5. Erase the pencil lines
6. Fold each small red circle and each medium green circle in half

7. On top of the large blue circle, place 2 of the medium green circles so the folded edges are back to back

8. Weave in the other 2 medium circles like you are folding the top of a cardboard box

9. On top of the medium green circles, place 2 small red circles so the folded edges are back to back. They should be placed at a 45 degree angle from the medium circles (again, no need to be perfect)

10. Weave ion the other 2 small circles

11. Staple the stack together using 2 staples
12. To fluff the flower turn each corner back into itself.

13. Fluff

14. If you don’t want the staples showing, cut a small circle out of the leftover stick portion of the Post-it note. Then cover the staples up with that.

All Done!!

Here’s a few I’ve made:

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Mar. 2010 24

Picture Wall

When DC got hit with a blizzard in December, I decided it was time to finally tackle a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time: a picture wall.

I had bought these wooden frames from Michael’s for $1 each. I picked 4 colors that I thought complimented each other: metalic brown, copper, gold and green. Then, armed with painter’s tape and foam brushes, I began to paint the frames. **Note: foam brushes are key because it eliminates brush strokes so you end up with an evenly coated surface.** I painted all the frames solid colors and then added strips and other straight-lined patterns. I chose straight-lined patterns because it was a nice crisp look. Due to multiple coats, drying time, and all around laziness on my part, the whole project took about a week. In the end, I like the outcome. It’s really adds personality to the space, and the pictures are easy to change out.

You’ll notice in my pictures, I’ve blocked out the actual pictures in the frames. I did this because I wanted the focus to stay on the frames, not the people in them. Also, there is a large frame that I bought that is in the center of the picture wall. I blocked that out because it wasn’t one that I made.

A Tip:

These frames come with a hole drilled in the back that you can use for hanging. I highly suggest not using these. Instead, invest in some picture hangers. It will save you the headache of trying to make the frames hang level.