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Feb. 2012 23

Feather Belt

I saw this adorable on Anthro’s website and thought it would be a great fast project. I’ve had this bag of feathers that have been sitting in my craft bin for ever. It’s the perfect use of left over supplies. I wish I would have had spotted feathers like in the original, but I like the mixture I used.


You’ll need:

-Elastic, enough for around your waist (I used 1″ wide)

-Scrap fabric


-Closure (hook and eye)


1. Cut 4 strips of fabric 4.5″ by 2″

2. Sew together pieces, with a 90 degree point at the end. Trim excess and turn inside out.

3. Now you’ll tuck the ends of the elastic into the open ends of the fabric tabs. You’ll want to pin each tab in place. Check the sizing. You want just the tips to touch.

4. Zigzag stitch the end closed. Top stitch around the tab. This just keeps the tab flat.

5. Sew on the closures. It’s better to do it at this stage, before you put the feathers.

6. Now all you have to do is glue on the feathers! I used ivory, brown, rust, and black feathers. I finished it off with a jade bead shaped like a bear.

Since Vlad is at work, I took the photos on my dress form.

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Jun. 2010 21

Ribbon Belt: pt 1

OK, confession: I actually made this project over a month ago. I’ve been bad about posting things as soon as I make them because I want to keep things in reserve for when I haven’t had time to craft one week.

Anyways, a while ago I wanted to make a blouse out of this great white gauze/lining fabric (I’m pretty terrible about being able to identify fabric types). I opted to do a cinched waist shirt, so I added belt loops. And then I hit a wall. None of the belts that fit my hips fit my waist. Well duh. I should have known that, but really hadn’t put any thought to it until I needed a belt for the shirt. So the solution? Make a super fast belt out of ribbon. I’ll post the tutorial for the flower pin later this week. I make the flower detachable so I can wear it separate from the belt.

What you’ll need:


-2 sew on snap sets

-Needle thread

-Hot glue (optional)


1. Measure your waist where you want to wear the belt

2. Add 3″ to that measurement.

3. Cut the ribbon to this length

4. On one end, we will call this end A, sew the ball half of the snap to the right side of the ribbon 0.5″ from the end

5. On the other end, end B, sew the socket half of the snap to the right side of the ribbon 1.5″ from the end

6. Fold both ends back 1″ from the edge so the wrong sides are facing.

Dotted lines represent when the back-side flap of fabric ends

(The snaps on end A should now be on the back side of the belt and the snaps on end B should be on the front.)

7. At this step you can either sew the ends of the ribbon down to secure them. Or, you can do what I did and hot glue them. I did it this way because I didn’t have any thread that matched the color.

All done!! Come back Friday to get a tutorial for the  ribbon flower that I made to go with my belt!

*Bonus step: On a belt I made later, I took a few hook-and-eye closures and made 2 columns, similar to a bra closure. This way I have an adjustable belt*

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Mar. 2010 17

The Obi Belt

I recently got a new job in an office that dresses much more professionally than my previous job. So with the new job comes the need for a new wardrobe and the accessories to match. I decided that instead of buying all my items, I would try to make as much as I could. While window shopping on the web, I came across this belt that I loved by The Limited. Using the belt as my inspiration, I decided to make a Obi style belt that I could wear a ton of ways. What I came up with is a belt that I could wear more than 6 ways.

I chose to use 2 heavy weight fabrics so the belt would have a good structure. One side of the belt is solid black and the other is black and white check.

Check it out:

There are two different ways to wrap the belt. One way is to continuously wrap the belt around the back.

The second way is to twist the belt in the back and bring the strands around to the same side.

How To do it:

Here’s the basic outline of the belt. The measurements will have to be adjusted depending on your size.

Each side (front and back) is made up of 5 pieces.

The middle piece (4 ” finished) should cover your whole front, ending at your sides.

The two pieces immediately next to the center piece should be long enough to wrap all the way around your back and almost all the way to the center of your stomach.

The end pieces should be just long enough to tie a bow. If you are using thinner fabric, you won’t need as much length. However, if you are using a heavier weight fabric, leave yourself a little extra length, you can always cut it short.

When cutting out the fabric for the front and back, the sides should be mirror images of each other.

Good luck!