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Nov. 2012 5

Chanel Shoes

Since I missed last week’s post, I’ll (hopefully) be putting up two this week.

I have this pair of Nine West camel colored pumps that are hands down my favorite shoes. They fit perfect, they are comfy, I just love them. Maybe I loved them a little too hard because by the end of this summer they were looking down right rough. I had a plan in my head that I was going to turn these plain camel shoes into cheetah print. But painting on a pattern I could cover up just the worn spots, while not painting the whole shoe, in theory extending the life of my shoes. I have done painted shoes in the past. I loved the way they turned out. However, the first time I wore them out they cracked instantly. I was determined to come up with another way.

My Nine West Pumps

So I went ahead and painted on all these spots. It was a long processes that required first priming the surface, then adding a dark brown, then adding a black. And the result? I hated it! They were so not cute on any level. I had to come up with a plane B.

While scrolling through Pinterest one day, I found the perfect muse shoe: this pair of Chanel flats that look like they have individually laid black and white pearls. I haven’t been able to find a price on them, but average Chanel flats are between $400-$700, so either way, way out of my price range.

Chanel Inspiration Shoes

I went to the craft store and bought white pearly puffy and black shinny puffy paint. Yes, puffy paint. The stuff you used to make terrible t-shirts with back in the early 90’s. I figured that since the puffy paint was fairly plastic it would flex with the shoe as I wore it instead of cracking like normal paint. Also, I needed something that would hold its shape, at least a little, so it would look like pearls.

So I marked of my toe cap, the heel, and a stripe down the back as my black sections. Then I marked off the instep and heel as two separate ‘contour’ sections for the white. And then, I just got to work. I was done in 10 minutes!

Just kidding…it took about a week to do all the dots. It is a long process, but it is mindless enough to do in front of the TV. I have to say, I completely love my shoes. I’m actually wearing them right now as I’m writing this post on my lunch break. I can’t wait to redo another pair of shoes using this method. I think next time I might do a pattern of some sorts. The possibilities are endless!

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Jul. 2010 12

Things I Heart #3

This is something me and my best sewing buddy/coworker Heather often talk about. We totally heart Alternative fabric/material sources. Fabric by the yard is great and all, but when you get down to it, it is pretty darn expensive. We have some some alternative sources to get yards of fabric, and save some cash in the process. Here’s what I mean:

-Sheet sets. Marshall’s, TJMaxx, and Ross (and stores like these) carry sheet sets for under $20. I love using sheet sets because you get a wider cut of fabric than you would if you bought it off the bolt, and you already know the fabric will be comfortable on you skin because it’s sheets. I recently got a queen set that is a bright, beautiful aqua for around $15. Now that’s a ton of fabric. I made a couple beach cover-ups out of it (a couple because I messed up a few times). And I still have a ton left over. Here’s a dress I made from navy blue jersey sheets. It photographs a little prom-y, but it looks much more casual in person. This also happens to be the first dress I’ve made.    :)

I heart these straps. The one that comes across my lower back goes the full length of the dress down the side seam

- Pre-made curtains. Talk about a gold mine. You can often get a set of full length curtains for fairly cheap at the above mentioned stores. But here is the great part: You can get lined curtains. This way, you are spending 10-20 bucks, and not only are you getting the panels, but you are getting lining fabric. Which is something everyone can always use. I like to use it for pattern making and as pillow forms. Heather uses it to line her beautiful historic gowns.

I used curtains to add accents in my bedroom. I showed you the Necklace Peg Board last week. I made those side panels from a curtain set I bought a while back. It’s this really great woven fabric. Also, I covered the  book shelf (that I use for pants) below with the same fabric. I then used it in some pillows on my bed to tie the whole room together.

-Speaking of pillows, one of my best tips for pillow making is look out in Target and Walmart for when their  bed pillows go on sale. These can get as cheap as $2 a pillow. This is way way cheaper than you’ll every find the fluff for. Plus, you get the fabric from the actual pillow to make forms. I’ve also found great deals on body pillows, which have a ton of fluff. I actually prefer the fluff in these pillows to the polyfill anyways. So, there ya go… hope I’ve opened your eyes to a couple alternative material sources!

Mar. 2010 1

Easy Country Placemats

My cousin is getting married and my mom is throwing her wedding shower at our house. I’m helping my mom get ready by making some pretty placemats. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
1. Choose a mid to heavy weight fabric. Pick a fabric with a woven design rather than a printed pattern. This is important for a couple reasons. For one, woven fabrics usually don’t have a front and back which means you can just throw it on the table and it won’t matter. Secondly, you need a woven fabric because we will be fraying the edges.
We choose a yellow and white plaid.
2. Cut rectangles 12.5″x18″. I suggest using a rotary cutter because it much faster and creates a cleaner edge.
3. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance sew around with a zigzag stitch. Do Not sew all the way off the edge.
4. Throw in the washing machine and drier. It will come out looking like a big scary, knotted mess, but don’t worry.
5. De-tangle, trim and iron. Then, you’re done!
Good Luck!