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Apr. 2011 6

The Drip Painting

So, as I’ve mentioned before, my mom is a home stager. And a good one at that!

Recently, she staged a beautiful house in DC. The owners are art collectors and had a custom built-in-bookshelf made to surround a prized piece of art. But when the owners moved out they took the art with them, leaving a big hole in the middle of the wall. So mom, being the  smarty she is decided “why not make our own!” And so between my mom (the brains), my dad (the builder), and myself (the artist) we came up with this painting. I did it entirely by dripping paint off a stir stick. It’s pseudo-Jackson Pollock, pseudo-art school study, and totally works with the black, white and red accents in the room.

Not bad for a couple bucks and an hours worth of dripping paint.

***UPDATE! It’s listed, here’s the tour:  http://www.homevisit.com/tour/mrisTour.asp?id=49703&ver

Apr. 2010 21

Wooden Mirror Art

When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I really wanted art work to compliment my bedding. Since I didn’t feel like lugging my pillows around town to find a perfect match (that may not even exist), I opted to make my own. I found these super great mirrors (in pine) from Ikea (on sale for $2 at the time).

I mixed acrylic paint to match the colors of my bedding: light green, brown, and cream. Then I lightly stained the wood with some watered down chocolate brown paint (yes, I know that’s really painting it, but bear with me). Then I roughly drew out my designs on the frames in pencil. Next I painted the designs, making 3 frames in each color. The painting process took me quite a while since it was all really fine detail work.

When I was done I hung them up directly across from my bed in 3 columns of 3. I staggered the columns because I wanted it to take up more space.

If you aren’t artistically inclined (or don’t want to put in the hours) here are some ideas to simplify the project:

  • Paint the frames solid colors
  • Use painters tape to create different striped patterns (see picture wall for example)
  • Try painting poke-a-dots, swirls or other simple patters
  • Use stamps to create patterns

I kept my frames matte because it matched the room better. If you’d rather have shinny frames, add a coat of polyurethane.