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May. 2010 28

Paper Bows, pt 2

Guh! I’m running behind this week. But, better late than never right?

So last week my post was on making traditional paper bows like you get for wrapping gifts. But if you really want a show stopping box topping bow, this is it. The Strip Bow!
Ok, the name needs a little work…but it is what it is.

This tutorial will be for a rather large bow: 6.5″ in diameter to be exact. If you want to change the size of the bow, simply cut shorter strips…
What you’ll need:
-2 Pieces of paper, different colors are ideal
-Lot of tape

1. Cut about 20 strips 1/2″ by 6″ out of paper #1 (I used peach)
2. Cut about 15 strips 1/2″ by 4″ out of paper #2 (I used light pink)
***Set up for your next couple steps by cutting about a million pieces of tape about 1/4″ -1/2″ wide***
4. For the 6″ and 4″ strips, fold in half. Do not crease!!! Line it up so the two ends are only overlapping for half the width.
5. Tape each together just at the end
6. Cut a circle out of paper #1. I just traced the roll of tape for the size
7. Tape the 6″ strips around in the circle. Overlap each one with the one before it, about half the width. (I ended up using 17 to make it all the way around)
8. For the last 6″ piece, untape the fold. Tape the top piece to the circle just as with the rest of the strips. Lift the adjacent folded strip slightly and tape the bottom half under these strips.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the 4″  pieces. The inner diameter should be smaller than the previous circle.

10. Fold the extra strips into figure 8s and loops. Interlock and weave

8. Tape the looped pieces to the inner most part of the bow

Ta-Daaaaa!!! All done

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May. 2010 19

Paper Bows

Never buy bows again!

Ok, maybe not never. But here’s a good option for making bows to match your wrapping paper or just for fun. There are a couple different ways you can go about this. This tutorial will be for making what I call a “mega bow.” It’s almost 8 inches in diameter. I’ll be using large pieces,  in 3 layers, with an 8-point configuration. But this can be done with less layers, smaller pieces and more or less points.

All you need is paper, scissors and tape. (The blue picture to the left is made out of, what else, Post-It notes)

1. Cut 10 pieces 1 in x 4 in

2. Cut 8 pieces 1.5 in x 6 in

3. Cut 8 pieces 2 in x 7 in

4. Fold 8 of the 1 in pieces and all of the 1.5 in and 2 in pieces into cones. Tape in place

5. Tape together 4 of your largest cones.

6. Tape together the last 4 largest cones

7. Continue this for the next two layers

8. Tape 1 on the remaining 1 in pieces into a loop. Tape down to the middle of the bow.

9. Tape the last 1 in pieces into a loop around the loop you made in step 8. Tape this loop down to the bow.

And you’re done!!

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May. 2010 12

Paper Petal Flowers

Another week, another paper craft! This week I’m making another flower. I originally made this using just plain computer paper, but then I remade it using Post-it notes (of course). It’s true, I heart Post-it notes. I’m not going to lie. I use a ton of them at work, and now in crafts as well. I figure they are readily available, they come in amazing colors, and they are the same color on both sides. Awesome. So, you can use whatever paper you’d like, but you know what I  recommend….

What you’ll need:

  • Post-it notes (or other paper)
  • Tape
  • Scissors

1. Trace the inner circle (about 1″ in diameter) of your roll of tape to create 14 petals.

2. At the bottom of each circle, draw a straight line roughly 1/3″ long.

3. Draw a straight line connecting the bottom straight line to each side

4. Cut out each petal

***Bonus step: if you want, use fancy scissors to cut a wavy pattern around the top edge of your petal***

***Or, use a highlighter to trace the top edge of the petal***

5. Fold the bottom edge of the petal using a “Z” fold

6. Draw out the base of your flower using the inner circle of the roll of tape. You want 6 petals. Cut this out

6. Tape a ring of petals down. You want top edge of the petal to be in between the petals on the base.

7. Tape a second ring of petals down inside the first. The round edge of these petals will line up with the round edge of the base petals.

8. Tape down the last two petals.

9. Fluff the petals and your done!

Here are some of mine:

May. 2010 5

Paper Carnation

I’ve decided to make May all paper craft related posts. All the crafts will be fairly easy, so enjoy!

I taught myself to make these paper carnations based on a technique that uses fabric. Here’s what you’ll need:
-7 Post-it notes
-3 Circular objects. Small , Medium, Large (I used the top to a medicine bottle, the bottom of the bottle and the cap to a hand lotion)

Your largest circle should be no bigger than the portion of the Post-it note that doesn’t have the sticky stuff.

OK, before I go on I have a confession to make. I heart MS Paint. I know it’s archaic, unrefined and blocky, but I really love it. So, bear with me for my pictures.
Second note, I printed out my MS Paint diagrams so that my pictures of real life will match the diagram. Also, it helps for contrast purposes. But usually I do make these flowers with Post-it notes.

Now for the Tutorial:
1. Cut the sticky portion on the top of the Post-it note off
2. Trace out 1 large circle (Blue), 4 Medium circles (Green), and 4 small circles (Red)  (I can usually fit 2 small circles on 1 note)

3. Draw a wavy line pattern around each circle. No need to be perfect
4. Cut out each piece

5. Erase the pencil lines
6. Fold each small red circle and each medium green circle in half

7. On top of the large blue circle, place 2 of the medium green circles so the folded edges are back to back

8. Weave in the other 2 medium circles like you are folding the top of a cardboard box

9. On top of the medium green circles, place 2 small red circles so the folded edges are back to back. They should be placed at a 45 degree angle from the medium circles (again, no need to be perfect)

10. Weave ion the other 2 small circles

11. Staple the stack together using 2 staples
12. To fluff the flower turn each corner back into itself.

13. Fluff

14. If you don’t want the staples showing, cut a small circle out of the leftover stick portion of the Post-it note. Then cover the staples up with that.

All Done!!

Here’s a few I’ve made:

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