Nov. 2013 8

Since I’ve been gone…

So, you may have noticed my abrupt and completely unexplained absence from my website. It’s time I explain a little about it. Last Christmas I decided to take a much needed break from creating tutorials. It was supposed to be 2 weeks. Then 2 turned into 3, then a month, then more. After a long talk with my (now) husband, I discovered that it was putting too much stress on me without the reward I was looking for. After three years of running I Heart Jenny’s Art, I felt like it wasn’t fulfilling or fun any longer. Commenters are rude, people stole my posts, and girls who simply took pictures of themselves in expensive clothing were getting more hits; all of which was heartbreaking after spending hours prepping a single sewing tutorial.

And on top of all of that, I was in the middle of planning a wedding, starting a new job, and trying to write a book. Yes, a book. And no, not a sewing book, but more on that later. Even though I have stopped posting, I haven’t stopped sewing or creating. Maybe one day I’ll get back to posting, but for now I’m focusing on making stuff for me and being happy.

So about that book… I have spent the last year and a half writing my debut novel Order of Earth. It is the first book in an Urban Fantasy trilogy (the Elements of Ink series) set in modern day Miami. It follows a 25 year old Onyx Bay on her journey through discovering her supernatural past and fighting for control over her own future. I would really love for you all to check it out and tell me what you think. It’s currently available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Enjoy and I’ll post again soon!


4 Responses to “Since I’ve been gone…”

  1. November 10th

    Congrats. I miss your posts, but this is a great thing ¡¡a book!! wow.

  2. February 16th

    juz wanna ask, if u can sew a dress if I give u the sketch of the dress??? ….tq

  3. Jill
    March 16th

    Love your blog, especially your sewing tutorials.  I’m sorry you are taking a break from blogging and tutorials, but it makes sense.  Just want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed spending the day reading your entire blog!!  Thank you for sharing!

  4. Jamie
    April 8th

    I just now found your blog, and I’m sorry to see in a few years too late! I’m planning on making several of your designs.  Hope all is well with you! 

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