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Leather T-Shirt w/Exposed Zipper



So remember how I did this chiffon blouse a couple weeks ago, and I said that you could use your pattern for multiple things?

Well, here it is! It prime example. I made myself a leather t-shirt with an exposed zipper in the back. How cute is that?

You’ll need a 12-14” zipper, I recommend metal because it stands out.

To make the pattern pieces, please click the link to go to the tutorial:


1. Cut front panel the same as pattern

2. For the chiffon blouse, I ruffled in the excess on the neck. But for the leather, I recommend pleating it in instead. You are going to make 3 pleats, 2/3” wide each; one in the center and one on each side.

3. Take the pattern you made for the back panel, fold in half and then add 0.5” along center seam. Cut 2

4. Install zipper like so:

5. Sew front and back together at shoulder seams.

6. Using bias tape (store bought or home made) finish neckline.

7. Sew front and back together at side seams.

8. For the sleeves, instead of ruffling in excess at the top, I did a box pleat like so:

9. Now, all that’s left is to hem the sleeves and bottom. And that’s it!

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