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Heart T-Shirt

I’ve seen these adorable shirts on Pinterest where there is a giant heart cut out of the back. Super cute….if you are super skinny. I don’t know about you, but I have to wear a bra. It’s non-negotiable. Also, there is no way I’m going to walk around town with my whole back out. There are some things people don’t need to see :)

So, I created this simple tutorial to make a me-friendly heart cut out shirt. You can do this with a store bought shirt and some scrape jersey fabric. However, this method won’t work if the shirt doesn’t have side seams. The way I do this secures the lining to the side and shoulder seams making it so the heart shape stays in place better.

Or, if you like, you can make your shirt from scratch like I did.


I’ll do this tutorial as if it’s a shirt with side seams.

1. With shirt on, have a friend mark the location of bra closer and shoulder straps.

2. Remove the back of shirt by using a seam ripper along side, armhole, and shoulder seams.

3. Using scrap fabric, trace the upper portion of shirt, down to about 1.5” below armpit

4. Transfer bra marking to a piece of paper. This will let you know the area you have to work with.

5. Draw a heart that fits inside the markings. Around the inner edge, add 0.5”. Cut out this shape

6. Center the heart and cut out of both the tshirt and scrap fabric. (make sure they line up!)

7. Sew lining and shirt back together (right sides together) around heart, being very careful to keep your ½” seam allowance. Clip seams along rounded portions.

8. Turn right side out, press.

9. Now reassemble your shirt, making sure to line up the edges for the lining and backing so they get sewn into the seam together.




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  1. November 29th

    cute shirt ;)

  2. November 29th

    This is a way cuter version than any I’ve seen for the less endowed… Nice!

  3. January 22nd

    i love the design ;)

  4. March 12th

    cool! ~

  5. April 29th

    lovely shirt!

  6. June 6th


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