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Tank Top Dress

This tutorial once again combines two of my favorite things in the world: Jersey and Dresses. I originally made this tank top dress because I needed something in a hurry to go under my Easy, Breezy Caftan. I opted for a dark purple because it was the only fabric I had on hand that I had enough of. I had no idea how useful this piece would become! I wear it to work under my suit jacket for a fresh new work outfit, or under a cotton button up for an easy going casual look. After I made the purple one I then went on to make the gold and white, and am working on the maxi version. What can I say; when I find something I love I stick to it!


So you’ll only need enough fabric as it tacks to wrap around yourself once.


1. Take a favorite t-shirt and trace the out, adding 1/2” seam allowance on side and shoulders, ¼” on arm holes.

2. Continue the line down for the hips.

3. Measure out the length you want and add 1”

4. Cut out neck line, leave ¼” seam allowance.

5. Repeat for back side

6. Sew together sides and shoulder seams.

7. This step is optional. I like to sew the shoulder seam allowance towards the back. This just makes sure it stays flat when you are wearing it.

8. For the neck and arm holes, fold raw edges ¼” towards wrong side of fabric. Pin and sew using a small zigzag stitch.

9. Hem bottom up 1”

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