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Sexy Cut Out Dress

I’m in love with the spring cut out trend. However, I don’t exactly have the required body type. So I made a dress with “curvy girl friendly” cut outs. Love!


I have to come clean about something before I start the tutorial. I did not use a t-shirt, I made the whole thing from scratch using patterns I made myself. With that being said, I don’t feel like going through that whole process, so I’m going to explain how to do it if you were to use a t-shirt. Trust me, it’ll save you a ton of time and won’t look much different. Just go with it.
You’ll need a T-shirt and enough fabric to wrap around you once

1. Remove the sleeves from the t-shirt.

2. Trace your t-shirt body out on your fabric

3. Extend the line past the hips down to knee length (adding 1” for hem)

4. On your fabric, mark where you want your (for lack of a better word) cleavage line to be. Add 0.5”

5. Now draw a scooping line from the arm holes, through that mark to the other arm hole. You can fold the fabric in half to make it even. Cut

6. Now lay the fabric over your T-Shirt so you can see the size hole you are getting. Mark where you want the upper line to be. Add 0.5”. I do recommend making this hole smaller than you think you want because it will stretch when you put it on. I had to completely redo the dress because the first time I made it I looked rather trashy.

7. Now draw a line through the point you marked in step 5 to the arm hole. Cut

8. Repeat the steps for making the hole for the back side of the dress if you want it to be different than the front. I made mine smaller just because.

**if you want to alter the neck opening, now is a good stage to do it**

9. For the raw edges, fold back towards the wrong side of the fabric, top stitch (zigzag) to finish.

10. At the arm hole, line up the fabrics and stay stitch them

**Optional but recommended: Either top stitch the whole upper piece to the lower half or hand stitch the layers together at the corners where they separate**

11. Sew front and back together at side seam (the shoulder should still be done if you are using a t-shirt)

12. Now reattach the sleeve.

13. Hem and done!!

See that wasn’t so hard. Just looks like it is.

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3 Responses to “Sexy Cut Out Dress”

  1. MLF
    March 10th

    I think you are wrong, you definitely have the required body type ;)

  2. May 28th

    OMG! It’s looking super cute. I am thinking of making a toddler size. Thanks for the pattern.

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