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A T-Shirt Dress for Work

I dare say a girl can never have too many dresses. And it is spring time which means we can bring out the knit dresses and not freeze to death!


So this is a pretty easy dress. I used a t-shirt, a yard (or so) of fabric, some scrap fabric, and 1.5” wide elastic.


Now you can do this without the ruffle sleeves but I think they just really step up the dress.



1. I started with a t-shirt 1 size to big for me so I could tailor it down to fit me exactly. First cut off the sleeves (but keep them!). Then put it on inside out and pin to fit. I also cut the collar out to make a scoop neck instead of a crew

2. Next, sew up the sides so you now have a fitted upper section.

3. Mark with chalk where your natural waist is.

4. Add 1/5” for seam allowance, then cut

5. Cut strips of black jersey 4” wide

6. To create a lettuce edge, use a zigzag stitch on the edge, stretching the fabric while you sew

7. Lay out 3 strips with 1” overlap.

8. Using the sleeves that you cut off in step 1, cut out the sleeve shape. You’ll end up with a cap-like sleeve

9. Pin the layers together so they don’t shift. Then attached to the bodice

10. Cut elastic 1” shorter than you waist measurement. Sew ends together

11. Attach elastic band to bodice.

12. Cut skirt:

13. Sew sides, then attach to waist band

14. Hem and done!

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2 Responses to “A T-Shirt Dress for Work”

  1. May 10th

    Cute dress. love the sleeves, the skirt, it’s perfect!

  2. Jaratpan
    June 26th

    Cool!  Thanks for sharing. 

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