Apr. 2012 25

The Maxi Skirt/ Midi Dress Combo!

I love clothing that has more than one purpose as Jessica Simpson said: “It’s a Two-fer”

And this is the perfect summer two-fer: a skirt/dress. I purposely made this super super simplistic so that a beginner sewer could accomplish this. I did it in under 45 minutes (right before the photo shoot), and I can’t wait to make another one. What a useful piece of clothing!


1. To start, take your largest ‘around your body’ measurement. (So most likely your hips or bust)

2. Take your measurement from your waist to the floor. Add 2”

3. Cut a rectangle using measurements from steps 1 and 2

4. Sew together down the length

5. Take your waist measurement and subtract 1. Cut a piece of 1.5” wide elastic to this measurement.

6. Cut a strip 4” by the measurement from step 5. Do not add seam allowance

7. Sew ends of fabric strip together

8. Fold fabric in half, wrong sides together. You’ll probably want to pin the bottom (open) edge together so it doesn’t roll.

9. Pin fabric strip to skirt, Sew, but leave a 2-3” opening in the back. Stretch the fabric as you go so the whole seam can stretch.

10. Feed your elastic through the opening into the waist band.

11. Once all the way through, sew elastic closed. Then sew the opening closed

12. Hem the skirt to floor length, about 1”




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