Apr. 2012 19

Lace Top

So on one of my many shopping sprees at my fav fabric shop G Street fabrics (@gstreetfabrics), I found this beautiful army green cotton-blend lace fabric. I knew I wanted to make something like this drawing I did a while back, but the lace wasn’t exactly right for it. So instead of making it as one continuous piece, I decided to make a cover-up/over shirt. That way I can throw it on over a tank or a dress or even my bathing suit. It makes the perfect throw on top. And it couldn’t be easier to make.
1. I started with a t-shirt that was 1 size too big for me; that way it would be a bit loose.

2. Then I traced around the shirt, adding ½” for seam allowance as I went.

3. I added a deep v-neck just because I felt like it

4. Now I sewed the shoulders and side seams

5. And to finish it off, I just rolled all the raw edges.

And that’s it. Just like that you have an awesome top. Easy-Peasy



Like the peach dress/skirt? You’re in luck! It’s next weeks tutorial!

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