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Off The Shoulder Top

This top is actually super easy to do. I had exactly 1 yard of this great striped rayon-blend fabric. I got it (of course) on the clearance table, so this shirt cost me a grand total of $3!

Easiest way to do this is to grab a t-shirt to use as a patter.

**You will want to use a zigzag stitch for this so the whole thing stretches**

1. Lay out your T-shirt on your fabric. Mark about 1” away on each side, up to the arm pit. Add 2.5” to the bottom.


2. Draw a line from armpit to arm pit, add 1”

3. Cut 2 of these.


4. Sew together down sides

5. **If you have a friend for this step it will be easier** With your arms at your side, measure around where you want the strap to be. Take this measurement and subtract 2”.

6. Cut a strip 5” by the strap length from step 5. Sew the ends together to make a loop. Then fold in half

7. Measure distance from front left bra strap to back left. This is your side measurement.

8. From the side seam, mark the measurement from step 7.

9. Measure distance on chest between bra straps. Mine is 11”. Repeat for back (9”).

11. The next few steps are simply better explained by picture…so here it is:

Repeat for back using back bra measurements

12. Now fold up the raw edges, stitch down using zigzag stitch to maintain stretch.

13. Measure around your low waist (where the shirt ends), then subtract 2″. Cut strip 5″ by that length.

14. Sew ends together, then fold in half

15. Now attach this loop to the bottom of the shirt. Your shirt will be bigger than the strip, so stretch it to fit as you go. This will also help keep the whole thing stretchy.


It’s super cute; you can wear it off the shoulders as intended or pull the straps up.

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