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Braided Sleeve Top

I did this sketch a few months ago of a simple shirt with braided sleeve. So of course when I found this crazy psychedelic print that was by far the loudest fabric I’ve ever bought, I thought it’d be perfect for this (slightly weird) shirt. It’s pretty straight forward. You’ll need a t-shirt to use as a pattern. I had only a yard of this fabric, so it cost me about $3 to make. The best part I this shirt has dolman sleeves, which mean you don’t need to cut separate sleeve! Also, you don’t really need to finish the edges since it’s a jersey knit; it might actually add to the look (I finished mine because I hate raw edges)


1. Trace shirt like so:

2. Add length for braids

3. Cut out. Repeat for back side as well

4. With right sides together, sew side seams

* **Optional: Finish neck holes and bottom***

5. Turn shirt right side out, sew shoulder seam

***Optional, finish sleeve opening edges***

6. Cut fringe just up to seam, 0.75” wide

7. Stitch down the beginning of the braid at the neck opening. You can add extra strips here if you want to, it’ll make starting the braid easier.

8. French braid!

9. Tie a knot at the bottom and cut off. You could also tuck the ends in and sew to finish.


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  1. Tisha
    November 5th

    Freakin’ Amazin’! Really it is. The dolman top is great the briaded sleeve is just perfect! I wanna make a longer one to wear with leggings. Help me wrap my brain around the braid idea, please!

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