Feb. 2012 23

Feather Belt

I saw this adorable on Anthro’s website and thought it would be a great fast project. I’ve had this bag of feathers that have been sitting in my craft bin for ever. It’s the perfect use of left over supplies. I wish I would have had spotted feathers like in the original, but I like the mixture I used.


You’ll need:

-Elastic, enough for around your waist (I used 1″ wide)

-Scrap fabric


-Closure (hook and eye)


1. Cut 4 strips of fabric 4.5″ by 2″

2. Sew together pieces, with a 90 degree point at the end. Trim excess and turn inside out.

3. Now you’ll tuck the ends of the elastic into the open ends of the fabric tabs. You’ll want to pin each tab in place. Check the sizing. You want just the tips to touch.

4. Zigzag stitch the end closed. Top stitch around the tab. This just keeps the tab flat.

5. Sew on the closures. It’s better to do it at this stage, before you put the feathers.

6. Now all you have to do is glue on the feathers! I used ivory, brown, rust, and black feathers. I finished it off with a jade bead shaped like a bear.

Since Vlad is at work, I took the photos on my dress form.

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