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Winter Wrap Dress

So my Dita Von Teese inspired wrap dress was such a success for the summer, I’ve decided to go a winter version. This is a traditional style wrap dress, it actually ties closed, unlike the other one which was a faux wrap. I honestly have no idea how long this took because I worked on it in like 15 or 30 minutes chunks when I had the time.


To start out I found this amazing knit at G Street for $3/yard. With my Living Social deal my purchase was ½ off ($25 for $50), so it was basically $1.50/yard. It’s a panel- print knit called “Bunny” and it has a pretty good weight to it; almost like a light sweater. I needed 3.5 yards because of the panel. So I made this dress for $5.25 + a closure. Pretty darn good.


****Before I go on I want to make a note: Even though we are working with a knit, I don’t recommend using elastic thread. It will bunch/ruffle the fabric and we want smooth seams. So instead use a small zig-zag. *****Oh and all seams are 0.5”*****


Here are the measurements you’ll need:



1. Cut two (opposite of each other) as follows:

2. For the upper back, cut 1:


3. For the skirt panels, cut 3:


4. The ties: cut 4


5. Sew ties together, turn right-side out, top stitch. Now you’ll have to strips

6. Assemble the panels, attach the skirt to the top, pleating in the excess in the skirt.


7. Sew Front panels to back panel at shoulder.

8. Trace arm hole, add seam allowance. Cut two as follows:


9. Sew front right panel to back panel along side seam.

10. Pin one tie strap in place on back panel at left side seam. Then sew together back panel, tie strap and front left panel along seam.

11.  Pin sleeve to dress, sew

12. Finish the neckline/side seams by rolling the edge

13. Hem the bottom

14. Attach the second tie strap to the outer edge of the right front panel

15. Attach hooks on the outer left panel and on the side seam which attaches the right front panel to the back panel. This is so when you put the dress on the left panel will stay secured with the hooks and the right panel is tied in place.

And that’s it!

8 Responses to “Winter Wrap Dress”

  1. Katy
    February 20th

    Thank you this has been really helpful for my textiles project! And now I have two wrap around dresses one for summer and one for winter! :D

  2. Cris
    July 8th

    Hello Katy!

    Thank you for inspiring me! Your dress is absolutely beautiful….you look great! :) Job well done!

  3. iris
    September 7th

    OMG! JUst discovered your site and am sooooo amazed! You’re a genius! WTH are you not all over oneprettything, u-create and such? Seriously, you should be famous!
    One question on the dress: I’ve made my own patterns before, but I’m having so much trouble with sleeves… How do you get the curve for the armhole right? Just tracing a t-shirt, then adding seam allowance? Or do you have a magic formula ;) ?
    Thanks again for providing all those terrific tutes!

  4. September 7th

    Aw! You are so sweet! I’m so glad you like the site. I try to get on those sites, but self promotion takes up so much time, I would never have time to sew lol.

    Anyways, for the sleeve: You can start out by tracing right from a t-shirt. It’s a really good way to learn. Eventually you’ll be able to free hand which is what i do. Also, take a look at this dress tutorial that I did awhile back. It has more diagrams that may be useful: http://iheartjennysart.com/2011/03/hot-pink-t-shirt-dress/

    Good luck! Happy Sewing

  5. Markie
    August 27th

    Your tutorial looks great. I can’t wait to try it, but I have a few questions.

    Should the skirt panel be half hips plus three? I have a very tiny waist, so to go from half that measurement to full hips plus three is a HUGE difference. I was just trying to clarify? 

    And yours looks like you did the front “wrap” pieces all in one panel, possibly because of the print. 

  6. lisa
    January 9th

    Great tutorial…and love the wrap dress. Thanks very much! Off to the sewing machine…Cheers.

  7. Veronica
    May 2nd

    I love your tutorial, but I got lost at the end regarding “the hooks”.  Are these like belt loops to pull the ties through?
    I was actually looking for a tute to make a wrap blouse, this one looks pretty easy and doable.

  8. May 16th


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