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Sweater Projects – Part 3

AKA How to make a hat with a bill


For a long time now people have been asking me to do a tutorial on how to do a hat with a bill (because of this post). So finally I got around to it. Sorry it took almost a year. This tutorial is basically the 45 minute hat, plus bill


So I’ve already cut the elbow patches and leg warmers out of my sweater (shown in white). So I had to cut around the missing sections.

1. Take a ball cap and trace the bill. This is your insert pattern.

2. Now add 0.5″ all the way around your insert pattern. You’ve now made yourself  a bill pattern.

3. Here’s my big secret. Transparency paper. You know, like you used in school for the over head projector? It makes a great bil insert. I don’t like using cardboard like some people do because it gets gross when wet. This stuff is fine. I haven’t tried to wash/dry it. But otherwise it works great. So take a sheet of transparency paper and cut a bill insert out

4. Using your bill pattern, cut 2 out of your sweater

5. Sew bill pieces together with 0.5″ seam

6. Snip around curved sections


7. Turn right side out, press

8. Insert the bill insert. pin. Top stitch 3 lines equal distance apart. I used 1/2 a presser foot width as my measurement

9. Measure around your head. This is your headband length

10. For the headband portion, I did not have enough of my sweater left to do both the inside and outside. Also, it was too short to do 1 piece, so I had to pieces together the band. To do this, I cut 2″ strips out of my sweater down the side. I sewed these together. Then cut to the length from step 9. Cut an equal strip out of scrap fabric. It’s going to be on the inside so it doesn’t matter that much

11. Sew your headband strips, both inside and out, together to make 2 loops.

12. Find the center of your outer headband. Pin to the center of you bill. Working out from this point, pin your bill to the outer headband. Repeat with inner.

13. Now sew together inner and outer headband all the way around, including bill section.

14. Cut out circle from back side of sweater. I cut mine at 8.5″ to get a good amount of fullness.

15. Pin edge of circle to raw edge of outer headband, pleating as you go. Sew

16. Finish raw edge of inner headband as you like, I surged it.

17. Turn inner headband up so it covers seam from 15.

18. On outside of hat, on the upper hat portion, stitch as close to the seam from step 15 as you can. This will hid all the unfinished edges on the inside of your hat.

Then you’re done. You have an adorable hat will a bill!





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  1. December 17th

    Hey there! Love your tutorial! Thanks for sharing it! :D

  2. March 4th

    I tried your tutorial out in a smaller size for my daughter, and it was great! Thanks for sharing. =)
    If you’d like to see the result, I posted about it here:

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