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Sailboat Skirt

You can’t deny the influence Anthropology has had on the home-made movement. The number of blogger who base their projects on clothing and accessories from the store is staggering. I’ve seen their clothes online, but never in person. So before I jumped on the bandwagon, I went to Georgetown to check it out. I lasted approximately 5 minutes in the store. It was incredibly overwhelming, unorganized (most likely on purpose) and chaotic. I didn’t even try on anything…So I don’t get the infatuation at least when it comes to the store. But I must say, the clothing online is appealing. So here’s my first Anthro-inspired tutorial: The sailboat skirt

Once again, Addie (Vlad’s mom) brought this beautiful linen fabric back from Africa for me. There is a tan color and an off white. When I stated this tutorial I took pictures…right up until I realized the tan fabric is the same color as my carpet and none of the pictures were turning out. So once again, we shall rely on Paint.

I used the waist band from Simplicity 6035, because I didn’t feel like making one from scratch. Feel free to use whatever waist band pattern you want

1. Cut 2 waist band fronts out of the tan fabric, and 1 interfacing. On the bottom edge of the tan pieces, mark the center (You can use chalk or a pin)

2. Cut 2 waist band backs out of the tan fabric and 1 interfacing. On the bottom edge of the tan pieces, mark the center

3. On the wrong side of the fabric, adhere the interfacing to 1 waist band front and 1 waist band back. I’ll refer to these pieces as the waist band fronts, and the pieces without interfacing as waist band facing.

4. Sew waist band fronts together on right side, leaving the left side seam open. Sew waist band facing together on the left side, leaving the right seam open.

5. Measure waist, add 4”. Then cut 2 of the rectangles out of tan fabric using that measurement. At the top of each piece, mark the center

6. Cut 2 out of lining. Notice that the length is different. At the top of each piece, mark the center

****At this stage I went head and surged all 4 side of each rectangle for both the tan pieces and the lining. This made it so I didn’t really have to “finish” them later*****

7. Add sailboat in this step if desired. I just made a simple appliqué from a sketch

8. Using the front piece of tan fabric:

9. Measure 2” (green) and 6” (pink) on both sides of the center.

10. Bring the pink mark to meet the green mark. Press the excess towards the center

11. Stay stitch


12. For both the front and back pieces of lining, repeat step 8, except press the excess towards the outside. This will reduce bulk around the tummy.


13. For the back piece of tan fabric:

14. Measure 4” on both sides of center

15. Using gathering of your choice, reduce this length to 2”

16. Stay stitch


17. With right sides together, sew front and back tan pieces together on right side. Sew front and back pieces together of lining on left side

18. Sew front waist band to tan skirt (lining up side seams). This is now your outer skirt

19. Sew waist band interfacing to lining (lining up side seam). This is now your skirt lining

20. On outer skirt, install invisible zipper as directed (about 8” in length). Leave 5/8” between top of waist band and the start of the zipper.

21. Below the zipper, finish the side seam on outer layer

22. Sew the skirt lining together on the left side living the top 8” (or however long your zipper is) open.

23. Pin outer skirt to skirt lining at the top of the waist band and down the right side (side with the zipper). Match up raw edges down the side so that when you sew you’ll catch the cloth part of the zipper but will not interfere with the zipper’s function.

24. Turn skirt right side out and press. You’ll now have all finished edges around the top

25. Pin and top stitch around waist band

26. Hem the bottom of the skirt 1”. You don’t need to hem the lining because it is short enough that it won’t show.

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