Sep. 2011 2

Gardening & Gutters

My last name is Gardner, so I should be awesome at gardening, right?? Yea…maybe not so much. I remember gardening with my mom when I was younger. One year I planted strawberries in the side yard. We got maybe 3 out of the batch and the bunnies ate the rest. My flower of chose was always Impatiens or Snap Dragons because they are so easy to take care of.

I have huge yard now, which it made up of about 90% weeds. And the bushes aren’t much better. The last owners let the plants run wild. The other day I went to trim the bush that is next to our carport only to find that it was almost 50% weeds. I looked it up on (which by the way was super easy to use) and figured out that the bushes were being attached by Amur Peppervine. It took me over an hour to get it all out. It’s a bit sad because the amur peppervine killed most of the existing bush. So what looked full before looks a little sparse now. I’ll have to do some pruning to encourage the bush to grow back. But hopefully we’ve seen the last of that dumb spiky vine.

Stupid spiky vine...killing my plants...

The clippings

And while we are on the subject of weeds…I must mention my gutters. So my gutters have never drained. Everything just sits in them. Turns out it’s because they were jam-packed full of dirt, leaves and plants. Last week, before the hurricane came through, I thought it might be a good time to clean out the gutters. The last thing I wanted was for the hurricane to rip them right off our house with such heavy rains. My mom was nice enough to help. I think she just enjoyed making fun of all the stuff we found (like a belt in the tree). Particularly what was in the stretch of gutter over the master bed room, which happens to be under a big tree. We found little trees starting to grow. At least 5 of them. Here’s the biggest one my mom pulled out:

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