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Guest Post: Table Coasters

My friends over at Factory Direct Crafts have given me a break this week and prepared a tutorial for you. They are super cute…check it out!

Guest post by Jennifer Richards

How to Create Homemade Table Coasters

I have always enjoyed creating decorations and crafts to use around the house. Instead of decorations, I’ve decided to make some drink coasters which are very useful during the summer months. These are a great way to keep your table in great condition while enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade or ice tea. I found this great tutorial, which explains how to create your own homemade coasters on the Factory Direct Craft blog. This guide is great if you would like to create these coasters yourself.

For this project you will need blank ceramic tiles, lightweight fabric, hard coat modge podge, foam paintbrush, clear glaze spray, pinking shears, felt, scissors, and craft glue. I was able to find great deals on craft supplies necessary for this project at their store.
1. Cut your fabric into squares that are one half inch smaller than the tiles. Once you have these ready, trim the edges.

2. A thin layer of Modge Podge should be spread on the top tile and then place the fabric square so it rests smoothly on the tile. It should be centered so you can see the tile all around the piece of fabric.

3. Next, apply a small coat of Modge Podge over the tile and allow it to dry.
Tile Coasters5 Tile Coasters
4. You should then spray two coats of glazy to seal the coaster. Only apply the second coat once the first is dried.
5. The final step is to cut a small felt square. This square should be smaller than your tile and glue them to the bottom of each coaster. This helps prevent your table from being scratched.

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  1. August 4th

    Those are so happy and cute! I like the pinking shear effect. :D

  2. December 6th

    I like the coasters very much as it is very colorful and fun looking. My kids would surely love to have one for them to use at home. Thanks for the sharing this.

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