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Dita Von Teese’s Wrap Dress



Order_of_EarthHey, thanks for checking out my Wrap Dress tutorial! It’s by far my most visited post. I hope it helps you and you enjoy your awesome dress. I still do three years later. While you are here, I would be very grateful if you checked out my debut novel Order of Earth, available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FAQOZ6O

Well, technically it isn’t her’s as in she didn’t design it. But man, she is owning it. I think wrap dresses are more summer than sundresses. They are the picture of easy dressing and care free style. Although I love the sundress, I think anything that requires a strapless bra looses major points in the easy-to-wear category. The only downside to wrap dress is the inevitable unwrapping.  The tie almost always comes loose at some point, and then it’s a wardrobe malfunction in the making. So when I decided to tackle the classic wrap dress, I went for the fake-out route. That’s right, it’s a faux wrap dress. I meant to take pics during the making of this, but the battery was dead on the camera and I didn’t feel like waiting. But anyways, here’s the tutorial:

****If you need help making these shapes, I recommend using a T-shirt you like and adjusting the measurements to match the drawings below*******

1. Find your fabric; I highly recommend cotton-Jersey because it’ll be the most flow-y/breathable dress. I ended up using right at 2 yards of fabric.

2. Since this is a faux dress, one side will always be under the other. We are calling that the inner layer. Cut as follows:


For “Waist” in each drawing, measure your natural waist around and divide by 2. So each panel “waist” will be 1/2 your waist measurement.

Your shoulder seam is measured from the base of your neck to directly over your arm pit.


3. The layer which will be on top of the inner layer is the outer later. Cut as follows:

4. And the back:

5. Cut sleeves (if desired):

6. Gather shoulders on all pieces (inner, outer, and back) until they match your shoulder seam +1″ (for seam allowance)

7. Sew front and back sections together at the shoulder and side seam. If you want sleeve, add here prior to doing side seam (see this tutorial steps 12-15)

Repeat for outer layer

8. Roll the edges to finish. This will include your hem9. Use chalk to mark your waistline all the way around the dress. Using elastic thread in your bobbin, sew long this line all the way around.

10. Now we are going to close the dress but securing each side. First, sew the edge of the OUTER layer to the opposite side. Then repeat with the inner. You should sew from the arm-pit to about 1″ below the waist. In the below image, I left out one side so hopefully it’s a little more clear. Now all you need to do is make a sash and you’re done!

My attempt at styling like Dita Pin It

26 Responses to “Dita Von Teese’s Wrap Dress”

  1. June 20th

    I love it!!! I scheduled a post on Craft Gossip to point to your tutorial:
    (Link will go live tomorrow morning.)

  2. June 20th

    This is amazing! I am currently doing Me Made June, and I think this would be a great a simple addition to my wardrobe! Thanks so much for sharing1

  3. June 21st

    I Love wrap dresses. it would be so nice to make one to fit me perfectly in every color of the rainbow. Thanks!

  4. June 23rd

    Your tutorial is amazing! the best one i’ve read yet! Just one question; the diagram states that the shoulder of the dress should be the length of ‘your’ shoulder seams 1.5x what exactly does that mean?
    I would truly appreciate your help, thanks again for a great tutorial!

  5. June 29th

    Ardiana, I’ve added another step on how o find your shoulder seam. Thanks for pointed it out! Happy sewing!

  6. kelly @ run w/ glitter
    June 29th

    This is great!What a great tutorial!I’m visiting from 101 summer sewing tutorials roundup. Have a great day! http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com

  7. August 2nd

    This is great. So versatile. And the tutorial is really clear. Thanks!

  8. jen
    January 5th

    this is beautiful! I am now on the hunt for pretty knit fabric!

  9. Katy
    January 28th

    Hi, Your tutorioal is amazing and so easy to follow! I’ve made one of these now :D Just wondering do you have any tuts for a wrap around around dress that you actually have to wrap around because I really want to make one for textiles. Thanks for writing such a clear set of instruction again! :D

  10. January 28th

    You are so sweet! I’m glad you could make a version. I’d be happy to post a pic of your creation if you want to see yourself on the site :) I do have a more traditional wrap dress tutorial : http://iheartjennysart.com/2012/01/winter-wrap-dress/

  11. Jody
    February 12th

    Where are steps 12-15 for the sleeves?

  12. February 13th

    There is a link to the steps 12-15 are in the tutorial for the Hot Pink T-shirt dress: http://iheartjennysart.com/2011/03/hot-pink-t-shirt-dress/ Happy Sewing!

  13. Wendy
    February 21st

    I’m confused – both fronts show waist measurements – should the full waist measurement be halved for each front piece and the full waist measurement be for the back?

  14. February 21st

    Good catch! I’ve updated the tutorial. Typically I measure the front and back of my body for each measurement, which is why I forgot the label. But for this tutorial, “Waist” in the diagrams is 1/2 your waist measurement. So each front panel will be 1/2 waist measurement, and the back panel will be 1/2 waist measurement. Hope that helps. Happy sewing!

  15. Victoria
    May 23rd

    This tutorial is one of the the clearest I’ve read and your dress looks great! Thank you for sharing.

  16. CK
    July 31st

    Your dresses always look great!

    If I skip the elastic-thread part and sew on some straps, will this be the usual wrap dress?

    I know you love jersey, but I have a stack of fabrics made of cotton and linen. How do you think those would work?

  17. July 31st

    CK, For this wrap dress I cut the pieces larger than needed and then use the elastic thread to ruffle it down. So if you skip the thread you’ll end up with a dress way too big for you. I suggest using my other wrap tutorial. It’ll work a lot better: http://iheartjennysart.com/2012/01/winter-wrap-dress/

    As for cotton and linen, you can totally use them you’ll just want to give yourself some breathing room. Just cut the pieces a little bigger than you would with jersey, I’d suggest making a practice one out of muslin first just to make sure you get the fit the way you like it.
    Happy Sewing!

  18. Raj
    April 1st

    That’s just wonderful. Now I NEED this! :) Just a question: could you suggest an alternative for knit materials? Can I do it with woven cotton, non stretch material as well? I live in India, and cannot find a fabric store that sells knit fabric my metres :(

    PS: I am glad to see someone else uses drawn images as well :P

  19. April 5th

    Durable, shrink resistant, highly stretchable top quality
    elastic braid
    is good for all of your stitching jobs.

  20. Lise
    July 8th

    Hi Jennifer

    I really love the shape of this leotard and was wondering how I could fasten it if I wanted to use it as a traditional wrap dress for a leotard cover up


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