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Tube Top Dress

So let’s talk tube tops. They are a great summer option….for most people. I feel like I’m constantly having to adjust and the top has to be so tight to stay up it’s not really an “easy” look for me. But a couple years back I bought 2 from the discount bin at Express, I believe they were less than $5 each. I only really ever worn them under other items. And on top of that, they have become a little to tight for me now. So they were in the back of my closet collecting dust. I decided this was a prefect opportunity for a re-fashion tutorial. I used 1 black tube top and about 3/4 yard of fabric.

1. If you tube top has the built in bra, cut it out. Since the top was a little tight on me, we are going to use the bottom hem as the new top

2. Measure from where the top seam will be to where your waist it. Add 0.5″ seam allowance and cut here.

3. For your skirt, you can totally measure the length you want and cut it to fit and all that, but I went for the much faster option: Cut your contrast fabric in half along the length. So now you have 2 pieces 3/4 of a yard long.

4. Sew your two lengths of contrast fabric together, so now you have a loop

5. Sew your tube top portion to the skirt. I used a two-pronged approach for this. I used both elastic thread and I stretched the tube top as I sewed. This worked in all the excess fabric of the skirt so the final outcome would be gathered.

6. Hem to desired length.

7. Using the portion of tube top you cut off in step 2 (and the parts from the built in bra if it’s matching) and cut 0.75″ strips. Use these strips to make your straps how ever you want.

8. I did a little gather in the center of the bodice to give it a better shape. I simply gather the first 4″ down to 2″.

And that’s it. If it wasn’t for my complicated straps this would have been the fastest dress ever!

PS…do you see those shoes?! So hot right? They are Nine West and I got them for $8.40 at Syms!!!!

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