Jun. 2011 8

Pattern Review…

OK, so when I was walking through Joann Fabrics the other day (honestly, months ago), I saw this Simplicity pattern (2684) on sale for $0.99. It was super adorable, and since my twin nieces’ birthdays are coming up on April 11th, I figured it would make a great gift. My lovely Aunt Carole was thoughtful enough to give my mom a boat-load of fabric when the twins were born for a quilt. However, my mom being the busy stager, didn’t have time to make it. So I took the fabric a made some super adorable clothes.

When I started off on this project I was thinking “wouldn’t it be great to start doing some pattern reviews on my blog?” But, by step 2 of the sewing instructions, my true nature came out. I read the directions, said “this is stupid way to do that” and did it my own way. So I can’t speak to whether or not the directions are good or accurate, but I can tell you the pattern pieces make one cute set of clothing.

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  1. Tracy
    May 26th

    I bought the pattern last winter and just started on it .  No instructions were in package.  Would you happenstance have instructions you could send me and what did you change?  Not understanding 1 piece for loops on hat.

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