May. 2011 21

Hanging Herb Garden

So, I had set this to autopost for Wednesday (the 18th), but didn’t do it right…so it’s a little late, but no worries.

My middle sister Angela lives in Raleigh. I like to call her the hippie-engineer of the family because she’s an engineer who plays in the dirt/woods/streams for a living.  :)   So it was no surprise to me when she told me about her new herb garden she made over the weekend. Being as how bunnies and squirrels just love fresh herbs, she took a very creative approach and was nice enough to share. Here’s her tutorial:

Okay so here are the basic steps:

Goal: make a bunny/squirrel proof herb garden for someone who has no sunny kitchen windows
1. Take coffee cans (odd number cause I’m anal about things looking good…eyes like odd numbers)
2. Drill holes in them. I took a hammer and a small screw driver to tap the holes into the bottom of the can. The sides of the can were trickier because you don’t want to dent in the cans. An exacto knife  ended up working best
3. Tie the string to the holes…… I used cotton string because it was cheapest, but a coir string, fishing line, or something else would work too. leave a lot of extra length on the string so you can make adjustments to the height of hanging it.
4. Fill the can with potting soil.
5. Add seeds or seedlings to the cans. Three of mine have seedlings and the other two I used seeds…it was just what was available at the nursery
6. Hang them up!  My porch already had a few nails in the over hang to hang them from, but you can tap in a few or use a plant hook hanger.
Total cost = string $2, seeds $2, seedlings $6, potting soil $3….with enough soil left over to fill 3 8″ pots for my flowers.
It’s great cause my porch smells absolutely amazing, and I hear that rosemary is a natural mosquito repellent. Living in the south, that is a big plus!
I’ve seen another thing similar done on apartment therapy with old tea cans where they made a garden of succulent for indoor spaces….it wasn’t hanging though :)

2 Responses to “Hanging Herb Garden”

  1. December 6th

    Just love the idea of the hanging herb garden. It saves me space at our house and the different types of herbs can be used in many ways such as mosquito repellant for rosemary, basil and oregano for food and pasta and others.

  2. Geneva
    February 23rd

    Wow! This looks so great, and it’s a great way to repurpose coffee cans! Thank you, I am SO trying this.

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