Apr. 2011 6

The Drip Painting

So, as I’ve mentioned before, my mom is a home stager. And a good one at that!

Recently, she staged a beautiful house in DC. The owners are art collectors and had a custom built-in-bookshelf made to surround a prized piece of art. But when the owners moved out they took the art with them, leaving a big hole in the middle of the wall. So mom, being the  smarty she is decided “why not make our own!” And so between my mom (the brains), my dad (the builder), and myself (the artist) we came up with this painting. I did it entirely by dripping paint off a stir stick. It’s pseudo-Jackson Pollock, pseudo-art school study, and totally works with the black, white and red accents in the room.

Not bad for a couple bucks and an hours worth of dripping paint.

***UPDATE! It’s listed, here’s the tour:  http://www.homevisit.com/tour/mrisTour.asp?id=49703&ver

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  1. December 6th

    Very nice! Way more interesting than the standard decorator painting. It makes the room.

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