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Pants to Pencil Skirt

Let’s talk a minute about the boyfriend, Vlad. He’s tall, handsome and has excellent taste in clothing both in regards to quality and style. Needless to say, he’s a catch. And so is his wardrobe, or should I say his old wardrobe. Thankfully he has kept most of his old clothes that don’t fit him at his parents house (not to far from where we live). So on a recent trip over to grab so yummy yummy Haitian food, we raided his “childhood” closet. I grabbed the awesome Polo pants with a great brown herringbone pattern. They were to short and small for him anymore, but they fit my (natural) waist perfectly. So I thought, why not a pencil skirt?!

So here’s the tutorial for turning men’s slacks into a pencil skirt:

1. Disassemble.

1a. For this, I took out the pant leg seams, both inside and out. On the inseam, take out the stitch up until the seam is straight vertically (in the butt and crotch areas)

1b. I took out the front seam at the waist band (because front pleats to not look good on high waist skirts.

1c. I took out the side pockets completely. Men’s pockets are huge! This is great for them, but seems to visually pack on pounds on women.

2. Fix the Center seam

2a. You are going to fix the center seam on the front and back the same. So, what you do is pick a leg, we’ll say the right side. Continue the vertical seam from step 1a until you reach the inseam. Add seam allowance (0.5”) and trim excess.

2b. Repeat for left leg. Then stitch together

2c. I surged the seams, but if you don’t have a surger, finish how ever you’d like.

3. While the skirt is inside-out, pin the front and back together. Use chalk to mark out your new side seams. Mark 3” from the bottom

4. Before you sew the sides together, mark and cut your hemline, leaving enough room for a 1” fold

5. On the side seam, mark 3” from bottom hem

6. Sew sides down till 3” mark. Back stitch here

7. Tuck top raw edge into waist band

8. Top stitch (very close to the edge) your waist band shut

9. Like I said before, I use a surger, if you don’t you are going to need to finish this off another way. What I did was finish all the inner seams and the bottom with the surger.

10. Then I folded the opening at the bottom like so, and stitched:

11. Fold bottom up 1” and hem.


4 Responses to “Pants to Pencil Skirt”

  1. April 20th

    Wow! great job on this! you look like a Ralph Lauren model. Well done. I have a few pairs of pants from my mister that might work.

    - found you via One Pretty Thing.

  2. April 21st

    Phenomenally creative, girl! Love the spectacular results!

  3. Nikki
    June 29th

    I love this repurposing! It turned out so tailored – it looks great! I’m a very basic seamstress & would love to recreate this skirt. I have to understand the big picture to attempt it myself, so in essence you separate the front from the back in order to make the look more finished? I have thought of just fixing the inseam & sewing together because I want to have room to chase little ones (not totally pencil) but fear that it will not come together correctly. Your take on it?

  4. Marivi
    March 10th

    Excellent ! Magnifico! Bravo! That is very beautiful! I appreciate it so much. I can apply the same concept to do my projects too. Thanks a lot.

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