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Hot Pink T-Shirt Dress

Who doesn’t love jersey? I mean really. It’s soft, stretchy, easy to clean and easy to wear. What’s easier to wear than a t-shirt? A t-shirt dress!! No pants required!

So here’s the tutorial for this scoop/v-neck t-shirt dress. I used hot pink fabric (because I’m taking a vacay in Mexico soon) and this awesome orange/yellow/white fabric that I dyed myself. If you are going to use 2 different fabrics, make sure they are the same type so if there is any shrinkage, it will be uniform.

You’ll also need a fitted t-shirt to trace. I decided to use all drawings for the instructions because I stopped taking pictures of the steps about half way through. Enjoy!

    1. Place your T-shirt face up on the pink fabric.
    2. Trace around with a ½” seam allowance.

      1. For the arm hole, trace the front seams, not the back. They will be different
      2. For the neck, trace the back (NOT the Front)
    3. Extend the line for the sides until your dress is the length you want it. I believe the overall length (from shoulder to bottom) was 40”.
    4. Cut
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the back. Except this time trace the back armholes, and the back neck seam
    6. For the neck detail
        1. Draw a rounded V-shape ( the depth will depend on how risque you want it) on the front pink piece
        2. Cut

        1. Place front pink piece on top of orange fabric, trace V line
        2. Mark out 4” from this line. Cut out shape

      1. For the back, do not cut V (unless you want). Trace neck shape on orange fabric
      2. Mark out 4”, cut
    7. For each of the orange pieces. Stitch a guidance line on the bottom edge, 3/8” seam allowance
    8. Using the guidance line, iron edge or orange fabric under, leaving a finished edge.
    9. Now, sew the orange pieces to pink (right sides together) using a ½” seam allowance along the neck opening seam. Turn Right-sides out
    10. Top stitch the inner seam on the orange piece (where you had the guidance stitch before)
    11. Sew front and back of dress together at shoulders. I used an over-locking machine here, because I’m lazy and it makes my life easier.
    12. To make the best sleeves:
        1. Open up the pieces you just sewed in step 10, so it lays flat.
        2. Trace the armhole line. Move aside the front and back pieces

        1. Decide how long you want your sleeve, I did 10” , draw in the bottom and the 2 side

      1. Cut 2 of these (opposites of each other). Be sure to mark which is the front (forward facing) and back of each sleeve
    13. Attach the sleeve to the body of the dress.

    1. Finish the sleeves by doing a 1″ hem
    2. Now sew up the whole side of the dress, including under arms

  1. Hem the bottom with a 1” hem.

All done!!!

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7 Responses to “Hot Pink T-Shirt Dress”

  1. April 22nd

    This is such a cute dress! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. April 22nd

    What fun colors! This is a great vacation/summer dress! I like how you explained how to make sleeves. I’ve been tracing the sleeves from a shirt and trying to make them fit. Your way seems much easier. :)

  3. April 23rd

    Great job! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  4. claire
    November 19th

    very nice and very well executed. plus good tutorial, thank you. :-)

  5. NOEMY
    April 12th

    Super practico, facil de hacer y muy comodo, realmente eres muy habil, felicitaciones desde  el PERU

  6. Modestly Cover
    April 10th

    I just love it and it’s super simple

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