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Ruffle Suspenders

OK, Let me start off  by apologizing for the pictures of myself. I took these last Wednesday right when I got home from work. Yes, this is exactly what I wore to work that day. I was a little tired, little frazzled, but at least the clothes were cute :)

Anyways, on with the tutorial!

What you’ll need:


-3/4″ or 1″ wide elastic

-3 suspender clips

-Fake leather or other sturdy fabric

1. Measure from your waist band (of the pants you’ll wear these with) over your back and down to about where your bra clasp is. If you don’t have a body double, have a friend help. You don’t want to be bending and such when taking the measurements.

Add 2″ to that measurement. That’s your shoulder strap length.

2. Measure from where your bra clasp is to your waist band in the back.

Add 1″. That’s your back strap measurement

3. Cut 2 pieces of elastic shoulder strap length and 1 piece back strap length.

4. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon twice the length of your shoulder strap measurement.  Use a match to lightly melt the ends so the ribbon won’t fray

5. To sew the ribbon to the shoulder strap elastic, first match up one end of the ribbon with the end of the elastic, stitch in place

-As you sew down the length of the elastic you are going to want to stretch it. Use two hands for this; one before the needle and one after. This way you can control the speed and you won’t put extra tension on the needle

6. At one end of each of the shoulder straps, secure the suspender clip as shown:

7. Cut 2 pieces of fake leather. Make the bottom wide enough for one width of elastic and the top wide enough for at least 2.

8. Sew leather together one 3 sides, sewing in the back strap on the bottom edge.

9. Turn right-side out

10. Fold in top edge, tuck in both shoulder strap pieces, sew across top edge to secure.

11. Measure one last time (just to be sure) before you secure your last suspender clip on your back strap

All done!

So fancy and sassy!

5 Responses to “Ruffle Suspenders”

  1. December 11th

    These are adorable and your pictures look great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. December 19th

    Oh my lord, this is SO CUTE! I added this to the tip top of my “to do” list! :)

  3. April 17th

    I made these a couple months ago, and everyone loved them. Got so many compliments, it was so nice.  I mentioned you in my blog entry. Thanks so much for this awesome idea! 

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