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Last Minute Holiday Decor

Are you as bad at being on top of decorating for the season as I am? Well if so, it’s your lucky day! Today, we have a double holiday post!! So exciting. So to start off we have a simple ruffled tree skirt. And to follow we have a guest post from the very talented Sandy of Common Wealth Staging on how to make Rustic Christmas tree (insert to the left is a close up).

Lets start with the tree skirt. I have a small tree; it’s only 4.5′. This will still work for a larger tree, but you may find you want a wider ruffle or something to make up for the size differential. Also, I made this pretty fast. It took me maybe an evening after work. I think it would have been even faster but the fabric I used for the backing was terrible and shifted a lot !

What you’ll need

-2.5 yards Red fabric (about 44″ wide)

-1/2 yard green fabric

Since my pictures turned out less than stellar, I’ve done some illustrations of the step.

1. Cut 2 squares out of your red fabric 44″x44″ (so you use the whole width of your fabric)

2. Fold into quarters

3. Using a ruler, measure a 22″ arch starting from the corner, so you’ll end up with a quarter circle

4. Cut off excess

5. Measure a 2″ arch the same way as step 3, cut off excess

6. Making the ruffle:

6A. Cut 4 strips 4″ wide. Use the whole width of the fabric

6B. Sew strips together, press open seams

6C. Fold in half, wrong sides together, press

6D. You can either ruffle the length or pleat it. I pleated it because it was much faster, and it lays flat that way

6E. Either option you choose (ruffle or pleating) should bring your length down by about half. You are going to have more than enough to go around.

7. Pin ruffle strip to right side of one of your red circles

8. Pin the other red circle to the right side of your circle/ruffle combo. You should have a sandwich: red, green, red.

9. Pin along the inner edge as well. Sew outer edge and inner edge at 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave the long straight edges open.

10. Turn right side out. Press.

11. Tuck the raw edges in on each of the straight sides.

12. Top stitch around everything (long edges, outer edge, inner edger)

All done, so pretty!

And now for the guest post! Today’s post comes from the lovely and talented Sandy of Common Wealth Staging. She has a keen eye for design and quick do-it-yourself projects that lends itself perfectly to her staging and redesign business. (She’s also my mom  :)    )

Rustic Christmas “Trees”

Here’s how they were created-
First– put your coat on!  One of the best parts of this project is a hike in the woods.  Fortunately, we have parkland behind our house and a ready supply of branches.  There were also piles of cuttings dragged through to the woods by neighbors who pruned their trees.  So, I selectively dragged some of them back out.
Select some willowy branches for filler and some stronger branches to hold ornaments. I found some that still had a few leaves on them. They were fresh cuttings, therefore stronger than brittle dried wood.
Next, fill a planter with sand, I used one 50 pound bag.  Here’s the trick- in the center insert a length of PVC pipe to corral your branches and help keep them upright.  I bought a piece with a 4″ diameter opening in the center for $2.00 at the hardware store.  Then insert the branches, cutting to a pleasing length, filling in with the more willowy branches as desired. I covered the sand with leftover burlap and a few lengths of grapevine.  You could also cover the sand with pinecones.
Finally decorate.  Glass ornaments are really nice and an uplight at the base of your “tree” will provide dramatic lighting at night.  During the day sunlight lights them up nicely.

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