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45 Minute Hat

Ok, for starters..I finally got my laptop back!! Hooray. It needed a new mother board and hard drive. Thank goodness for the extended warranty.

Anyways. So I figured out how to make this hat when Heather and I were making Renaissance Fair costumes. We needed a floppy hat, and thus the circle hat was born. I tweeked the pattern so it could be worn for day-to-day. There are tons of variations you can do. Just have fun!

P.S. You can totally get this down in 30 minutes if you are speedy and don’t really care about being perfect. Anyone else thinking Christmas gifts?

1. Measure your head where you want the hat to rest. My measurement was 22″

2. Cut your banding fabric 4″ by whatever you head measurement +1″  (4″x23″)

3. Sew the ends of your band together with 1/2″ seam

4. Figure out your circle radius:

-For a less floppy hat:      Band measurement divided by 3.14  and 1″ to that number

-For more floppy:              Band measurement divided by 6.14 then multiply by 2,3,or 4 and so on    and 1″ to that number

5. Cut circle of above radius (measurement from center of circle to edge). I used an 8″ radius

6. For this part you can either pleat or gather:

Pleat your circle pinning as you go until the opening matches the measurement of your band

7. Pin you band to the circle portion of the hat, right sides together.   For some reason I only took pictures of the checkered hat up to this point, the rest is a red hat. But it’s the same thing!

8. Sew at 1/2″ seam allowance

9. Fold the edge of the band to meet the opposite edge

10. Fold again so your first fold meets the seam

11. Pin in place and sew

All done!!!

Add flowers, change the fabric. There are tons of options. Here are three that I’ve made

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12 Responses to “45 Minute Hat”

  1. November 17th

    Great tutorial!


  2. November 21st

    i realy like your tutorial- so great’ thank u for sharing

  3. December 2nd

    I LOVE this tutorial!! I’m gonna make some hats tonight, I’ve been searching for tutes all over–thanks so much for sharing. I’m following you too!
    natalie :o )

  4. dragica
    December 3rd

    Very nice! I like it veru much!

  5. December 4th

    I really appreciate this tutorial but I’m really beginner in sewing so please help me to calculate my size, I have 58 cm head measuremen(about 22 3/4 inch) and I like floppy cap, thanks in advance :-) , Niki

  6. Maggie
    December 9th

    Could you please tell us how to add the brim? They all look fabulous!

  7. December 10th

    aaaaaaaaaaahh! In love with this hats!A GOD what a wonderful little totorial! ;) thanks for visiting our blog!;)
    I will def be attempting to do one of this cute little hats this weekend!

  8. December 15th

    Niki, no worries! This is a great project to start on. If you want a hat that looks like the red hat in the photo cut your circle with a radius of 20.95 cm. If you want it floppier (like the canvas hat) cut a circle with a radius of 28.2cm.
    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  9. Elisa Kirsch
    December 22nd

    Do you think you can provide a version of this hat for men?

  10. iris
    April 22nd

    Great hat! Can you give as an idea of how you did the brim? It looks so neat, I’m trying to figure out whether you just sewed it to the inside – but that would make for a pretty bulky seam..? Please, help me out here ;)
    Also love the flower necklace!

  11. Laura
    October 28th

    Awesome tutorial…thanks much for sharing!

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