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Orange Flower Necklace

The Brightest necklace ever! Also, an amazing scrap-buster!

So this is very similar to my white jersey/t-shirt necklace. But I made it out of quilter’s fabric instead. I wanted something really bright and fun for summer, but that I could also wear through out the fall. I still had left over strips of fabric from making Kellie’s quilt years ago, so I pulled out all the oranges and yellows. I ended up with about 10 different fabrics. Here’s how I did it:

    1. Cut 12 strips 2” by 30”. If you don’t have a continuous 30”, you can piece together strips like I did. You won’t be able to see the seams when you’re done. I used 6 different fabrics for this step and cut 2 strips of each.
    2. Separate your strips into groups of 2. I recommend not having the same fabric for both pieces in a group. It makes it more whimsical looking if different fabrics are matched up.
    3. Sew your pairs together along the long edges using 1/4” seam allowance. This will create fabric tubes
    4. Turn the tubes right-side out

    1. You should have 6 tubes now. Pair them up again so you have 3 sets. Sew the pairs together at one end.
    2. Twist the pairs. To do this, I usually put a safety pin in the end that is sewn together, and pin it to my ironing board. Then I can twist them together more easily.
    3. Sew the other end of each pair together to prevent the twist from falling out.

    1. Cut out 2 oval-ish shapes. ****I actually started with an oval and didn’t like it so I made 1 side straight.****
    2. Sew the ovals together, leaving an opening about 1-1.5” wide.
    3. Turn rightside out. Turn the edges at the opening in, so there is a finished edge.
    4. Put the 3 twisted pairs into one end of the oval, and sew to secure.
    5. Put the other ends of the twisted pairs into the other end of the oval, sew to secure.
    6. Making flowers
        1. For “ruffle flowers”
        2. Cut strips 2” wide by 15” long. You can make them narrower if you want shorter flowers. And cut the fabric shorter (less length) if you want less full flower.
        3. Fold the short end over about ½”, wrong sides together

        1. Fold the strip in half long ways, wrong sides together

        1. Make loose stitches down the whole length of the strip.

        1. Cinch the strip to create a ruffle

        1. Tie off the thread
        2. Wrap the ruffle around itself keeping the bottom (raw edge) even.

        1. Sew the bottom edge until you think it is secure.
        2. All Done!!

    7. Secure the flowers to the oval portion of the necklace

I even made a red and orange one for my mom. Firey!

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20 Responses to “Orange Flower Necklace”

  1. September 1st

    That is super pretty! I LOVE the colors and the look of the twisted fabric strands.

  2. September 8th

    This is so cute! love the colors! You are very, very creative!

  3. September 11th

    These are SO cute! What a great way to use up fabric leftovers! Thanks so much for sharing thi!

  4. Karen Baskins
    September 11th

    Love it. My granddaughter and I will be wearing one soon.

  5. September 11th

    This is beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial. I think I’m going to make one with some old white, black, and gray t-shirts.


  6. Karen Baskins
    September 11th

    Love your work

  7. September 11th

    So cute! I am highlighting this today at

  8. Pam Knies
    September 11th

    How big is the oval? I want to make one. Very cute and looks comfortable. Thanks, Pam

  9. September 11th

    Excellent tutorial! Thanks for the suggestion. Best regards,

  10. September 12th

    This is totally up my alley. I love it!

  11. September 12th

    This is so darling. I love the colors. What fun!

  12. September 12th

    Your choice of color shouts Autumn is here! Love it! I have some orange fabric just waiting for this, thanks.

  13. September 13th

    very pretty looks easy enough I’ll have to try it :)

  14. September 15th

    Love both your sweet smile and creative work.

  15. September 26th

    I like the colourful necklace. Will feature it at!

  16. aarti gupta
    January 22nd

    this is the best use of waste fabric

  17. October 2nd

    This is so cute!

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