Sep. 2010 8

Accessory Basket

Obviously I love my accessories. So much so I’ve made displays for them. But what to do with my scarves and belts? Bingo! A basket.

But there’s a hitch…. Wicker baskets like this, although lovely, tend to snag delicate scarves. And we can’t have that. So here’s a super fast no sew/no glue tutorial for a basket make over.

You’ll need:


-Pillow Case

-Safety Pins

-Ribbon (I used the kind that comes around blankets from the store. I like it because it has velcro)

1. Cut open the pillow case along the bottom edge.

2.Put the pillow case inside your basket, leaving equal amount of excess on either side

3. Tuck and pin the corners so the final edge is about 2″ below the rim

4. Wrap your ribbon around the basket to cover up any safety pins. Pin together in the back

Done! So fast. And your scarves will thank you

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  1. Angela G.
    September 10th

    this is way more attractive than me hanging my scarves on a belt hanger. thanks for the tip!!

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