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Tank Top Tote Bag

Alas, a summer staple: the ribbed tank top. I myself own way too many. So I decided to get rid of a couple to make room for some more work appropriate pieces. Instead of throwing these away, I made a reversible tote bag. It was so easy, and so fast. All you need is two tank tops about 24″ long (1 if you don’t want it to be reversible), and a couple buttons for flare.

Let’s get started:

1. Take your 2 tank tops and cut 6 inches off the bottom. Put these pieces aside.

2. Making pockets. These are optional, but I think they are cute:

a. From the 6 inch portions you just cut off, cut 2 6×6 square (1 in each color)

b. Tank the finished edge and fold so it makes an arch

c. Sew the arch down

d.Add button and ribbon if desired

I changed the button later because this one proved to be way too heavy for the fabric

3. This is slightly tricky. You have to sew the pockets to the tank top. To do this, turn the tank top inside out and pin the pocket down. Then sew down like this using a zig-zag stitch:

4. Sew the bottom edge together.

5. Fold the bottom corners flat and sew a 1 inch seam across

6. Keep one tank top inside out and turn the other one right side out

7. Put one tank top inside the other, so the wrong sides are facing.

8. Pin together at the arm holes and neck holes

9. Top stitch the arm holes and neck holes closed.

That’s it! All done!

I find this back is absolutely perfect for the pool or beach. And since it was once a shirt, the arm holes are already my size :)

Enjoy summer!

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  1. August 8th

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