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Fabric Flower

So, obviously I’ve been on a big flower kick recently. (I know I mentioned it before). 2 weeks ago I posted my great bedroom redo. Notice how I even sneaked a couple into the pillows. Ah, I heart them. I made them detachable so that if I want to wear them, all I have to do is unpin it.

I’ve also been making a ton of flowers as accessories. I wanted to share a tutorial for how to make this beautiful flower pin. I used red fabric with¬† black pinstripe to match the vest I made a while back.

What you’ll need:


-Felt (I’ve also used duck fabric because I like how sturdy it is)

-Pin (you can either you a traditional pin-backing or just a large safety pin)

-Three round objects, close in size (or however many layers you want)

-A button

1. Cut 12  of each size circle (this will give you 6 petals for each layer)

2. Pin each petal right side together and sew together. Leave an opening in the bottom so you can turn it right side out

3. Very Carefully fringe the edges almost to the seam. This will keep the fabric from bunching inside

4. Turn each petal right side out. Resist the urge to iron here. It honestly looks better if it’s not flat and perfect

5. Separate the different sizes

For each size petal:

6. Now, take your needle and thread and sew along the bottom (open) edge of each petal. Weave your stitch in and out as you go. Continue the thread through all of the petals of the same size. At the end, you should have 6 petals on a single piece of thread.

7. Cinch the thread so the bottom of the petals ruffle and make a ring

8. Secure the thread.

Steps 1-8

9. Cut your felt (or backing fabric) into a circle

10. Using your pin back to measure, cut 2 slits in the felts so that the ends of the pin back can be pushed through. This step just makes it prettier, but it’s not really necessary

11. For this, you can either use hot glue or sew. I used glue because I’m lazy. Glue the largest layer of petals to the back of the felt

12. Glue down each remaining layer

13. Finish it all off with a button, and your done!

3 Responses to “Fabric Flower”

  1. July 25th

    This is darling! I love how you use two different materials. i will feature this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  2. July 25th

    This flower is adoreable! I love the dimension of it :)

  3. Rachael
    October 16th

    How much would you charge me to make three if these in Ted and green to go on the Christmas stockings I’m making my three children?

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