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White Jersey Necklace

Ok, let me start of by saying I failed at this project a couple times. I had seen people doing super cute jersey necklaces from t-shirts and I was super excited to make one. But when I tried it with unfinished edges, the fabric started to fall apart. It was going everywhere causing quite a mess in my sewing room. I figured it might be happening because I was using such cheap material. So I trashed my first attempt. For my second attempt, I used a much nice t-shirt (it was in the give away pile anyways). I thought that would help. But noooooo. Still falling apart. Still shedding everywhere. A mess.

But instead of throwing it away, I made the necklace my own way. I tell you this for a couple reasons. One, to admit that I am totally human and fail just as often as I succeed at new projects. And two, so that you don’t think it is weird that my photos don’t match up quite right. You’ll notice the number of strips of fabric gradually decrease. But just bear with me.

All you’ll need is a t-shirt. Mine was a fitted shirt with seams down either side. This adds an extra step, but I go over that in the tutorial. OK, here ya go:

    1. Cut eight 2” strips width-wise across your t-shirt

    1. Cut six 1.5” strips
    2. Cut 1 side of the strips apart (so they won’t be a loop anymore)
      1. SPECIAL STEP!!  If you are using a fitted shirt (with seams down either side) you are going to need to cut the strips apart at both seams. Then, you’ll need to sew the strips back together on 1 end, making sure they are straight. The reason why you need to do this step is so that the strips will be straight pieces. If you don’t cut them apart at the original seams, they form Vs.
    3. Sew the strips together with ¼” seam allowance. You want to sew down both long sides and one short side. You’ll end up with four 1.5” strips and three 1” strips
    4. Turn all the strips right side out. If you’ve never done this, it’s fairly easy, just a little annoying. Here’s some pictures to walk you through

Using locking tweezers, clamp onto the seam (from the inside) at about 2".

Pull the tweezers back out. Be sure not to put too much pressure on the fabric or you'll rip it. As you pull the fabric, it'll start to turn right side out

Keep repeating these steps until your tube/strip is all the way right side out.

    1. Take 2 of the 1.5” strips, twist together. Sew over both ends so they don’t unravel.

  1. Cut a 6” segment off one of the 1.5” segments.
  2. Fold the ends inside so there is a clean edge.
  3. Put the ends from the twisted segments in to the 6” piece. Sew to secure
  4. Now to make some rosettes using the remaining strips. For each strip:
      1. Fold one end over into a triangle (like when making a paper football)

      1. Put the rosette on the table with your finger on the triangle (raw edge facing down)
      2. Swirl the strip around creating a rosette. I found I get the best results when I twist the strip just a little as I go. I also have some sections where the seam of the strip is facing up, and some where it is facing the side. This gives the rosette a good variation height variation and makes it look more like a flower and less like a lollypop.

      1. Tuck the outer end under and in between the next two rows. Just make sure you can’t see it
      2. Secure with a pin.

    1. Sew the whole thing together on the back side. This step is a little tricky. I found it was easier to go from the side half way through, then continue across to the other side. Now matter how you do it, just keep going until you feel like it is secure.
  5. On the 6” flat segment (not the twisted part), arrange your rosettes. Pin in place
  6. Sew the rosettes down to the flat segment.

All done!!!

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20 Responses to “White Jersey Necklace”

  1. June 9th

    The final result turned out great! Good for you for not giving up!

    Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  2. June 10th

    Great work! I hope you’ll link this up to my weekly blog party Make It Wear It at TheTrainToCrazy.com

  3. Angela G.
    June 10th

    yay another project. this really would fit my casual wardrobe. thanks for the ideas Jenny:)

  4. June 10th

    That turned out sooo cute!! I love the pop of white!

  5. June 13th

    Super cute – thanks for sharing!

  6. June 13th

    Love this! Would make a great gift for an upcycle-lover! Linking this on my blog for Tuesday!!

  7. June 14th

    great tutorial, i particularly love what you did with the chain. it befits and is a bit different than all the other ones out there (which i like).
    So, i’d like offer you a link back to your site: add your DIY tutorial project here and the additional happy news is that many more crafters can find you.

  8. June 14th

    Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  9. June 16th

    I’m so glad I read this post! You saved me so much time and mess. I would have been lazy and 1. not sewn my strips into tubes, and 2. not realized I needed to sew the rosettes to the flat part of the fabric. Thanks so much for the clear step-by-step instructions! I love it!

  10. June 16th

    Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Isn’t it interesting that I also just posted today about making yarn from t-shirts? great timing, and hope to see you again!

  11. June 17th

    It turned out great! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch’s “Sew Cute Tuesday”!

  12. June 17th

    Awesome! Love it!

  13. June 19th

    Congratulations on hanging in there to make such a pretty one. Sometimes it is sooo hard when the first few don’t turn out (have just experienced that myself on a different project). Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  14. June 23rd

    This is so cute ! What a good tutorial. thanks :)

  15. June 24th

    Thank you for contributing this to http://www.FineCraftGuild.com's DIY Tutorial Linky Party.

    It’s beautiful and well presented.

    If you have a new & equally wonderful tutorial you wish to share with us this week, come on over. We just opened a new linky party for this week’s greatest talented artisans out there! (and you are one of them ;-0)

  16. July 26th

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabric necklace and tutorial! I can’t wait to attempt it myself! Check out my blog if you have the chance! http://www.craftmysoul.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  17. July 27th

    This is fabulous! I have bookmarked this page for future reference!

  18. Ge
    February 3rd

    I think this tutorial would also be great as a headband!! Thanks!

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