Jun. 2010 28

Things I heart #1

So I want to add a new segment to my page. It shall be called :  Things I heart! (Fitting title, no?)

This will be a segment where I just let you know what I’m currently in love with. It’s not going to be sponsored, so all the products I talk about will things I actually use and like. I’m leaving this segment open to more than just products. I reserve the right to tell you about whatever I heart  :)    I’m going to try to post a new one every Monday, but we’ll see how that goes…

With that being said, the thing I heart this week is….. Buttons!!!!

It’s true, I love buttons and I always have. When I was younger, I would spend hours sit on my mom’s sewing table and go through all her button jars.  There is something about them that’s so fun. They are little, but yet somehow have a ton of personality. I love the variety bags of buttons you can get at Joann’s or Micheal’s. But it’s true what they say: they just don’t make them like they used to. These days, “metal” buttons seem to be plastic buttons coated with something to make them appear metal. I’m not saying I don’t like plastic, it has it’s place. But I miss the real thing that would rust or patina over time. I have a bunch I’ve stolen from my Mom, but I’m always in search of more. I’ve have really good luck at thrift stores looking for good quality vintage buttons. I was recently at one of my local thrift stores and they had a giant bag of buttons for 50 cents a sheet. I was in heaven. Although I was tempted to take the whole bag, I just took a few instead. Look at my haul:

Notice the awesome gold and silver metal flowers (second and third from the right). And there are very nifty military inspired ones on the bottom left.

I’ve already started making things with them. I’ve made a number of button rings, which I’m super excited about. I don’t have any pictures yet (because I’ve been too obsessed with making them), but I’ll post some soon.

I love the idea of using objects for something other than their intended purpose. While I was searching online for a vintage button supplier, I stumbled across an artist who uses buttons as her medium. Talk about stunning! Her name is Lisa Kokin and I’m a hug fan now. I got such a kick out of her work, I had to share:

Leotard by Lisa Kokin


Come back Wednesday for a new craft/tutorial post!!

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