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Paper Petal Flowers

Another week, another paper craft! This week I’m making another flower. I originally made this using just plain computer paper, but then I remade it using Post-it notes (of course). It’s true, I heart Post-it notes. I’m not going to lie. I use a ton of them at work, and now in crafts as well. I figure they are readily available, they come in amazing colors, and they are the same color on both sides. Awesome. So, you can use whatever paper you’d like, but you know what I  recommend….

What you’ll need:

  • Post-it notes (or other paper)
  • Tape
  • Scissors

1. Trace the inner circle (about 1″ in diameter) of your roll of tape to create 14 petals.

2. At the bottom of each circle, draw a straight line roughly 1/3″ long.

3. Draw a straight line connecting the bottom straight line to each side

4. Cut out each petal

***Bonus step: if you want, use fancy scissors to cut a wavy pattern around the top edge of your petal***

***Or, use a highlighter to trace the top edge of the petal***

5. Fold the bottom edge of the petal using a “Z” fold

6. Draw out the base of your flower using the inner circle of the roll of tape. You want 6 petals. Cut this out

6. Tape a ring of petals down. You want top edge of the petal to be in between the petals on the base.

7. Tape a second ring of petals down inside the first. The round edge of these petals will line up with the round edge of the base petals.

8. Tape down the last two petals.

9. Fluff the petals and your done!

Here are some of mine:

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  1. Al
    May 19th

    Great tutorial, Thank you. I love working with paper.

  2. May 21st

    This is great! I am featuring it at Grab my :featured” button.

  3. May 22nd

    You are a flower making machine! I love all of your tutorials!

  4. May 22nd

    Yeah! I think that I am your first google follower! :)

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