Apr. 2010 21

Wooden Mirror Art

When I moved into my apartment 3 years ago, I really wanted art work to compliment my bedding. Since I didn’t feel like lugging my pillows around town to find a perfect match (that may not even exist), I opted to make my own. I found these super great mirrors (in pine) from Ikea (on sale for $2 at the time).

I mixed acrylic paint to match the colors of my bedding: light green, brown, and cream. Then I lightly stained the wood with some watered down chocolate brown paint (yes, I know that’s really painting it, but bear with me). Then I roughly drew out my designs on the frames in pencil. Next I painted the designs, making 3 frames in each color. The painting process took me quite a while since it was all really fine detail work.

When I was done I hung them up directly across from my bed in 3 columns of 3. I staggered the columns because I wanted it to take up more space.

If you aren’t artistically inclined (or don’t want to put in the hours) here are some ideas to simplify the project:

  • Paint the frames solid colors
  • Use painters tape to create different striped patterns (see picture wall for example)
  • Try painting poke-a-dots, swirls or other simple patters
  • Use stamps to create patterns

I kept my frames matte because it matched the room better. If you’d rather have shinny frames, add a coat of polyurethane.

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  1. June 9th

    Those are great frames! I LOVE your artwork. I am not creative in that way AT ALL. I think I failed art class. If they had a spray painting class I would have totally aced that one. Thanks for sharing with me!

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