Apr. 2010 28

Upcycle an Old Necklace

The old necklace (4 years ago)

I have this old necklace that I haven’t worn in years. It is a longĀ  gold chain with a large ring/stone pendent. It was in style a few years back but just doesn’t work for me anymore. So I reworked the necklace to make it a bit more modern. Here’s how:

1. I took off the pendent using pliers
2. I took off the connector piece (the chain at the end of the necklace that the clasp hooks to)
3. I connected the End A and End B together by opening the last chain link of End B and then attaching it on the End A
4. I reattached the connector piece at a slightly off center spot. This makes one side of the necklace longer than the other
5. I then tied thread to one end, added beads, and secured the strand to the opposite end. The bead strand length should be between that of the longer chain and shorter chain
All done!!
Update!! New pictures:

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